Top 10…

These days, it’s hard to find someone without a cell phone. But those who possess one don’t know how to use them properly. When I’m on the bus, I can hear people having private conversations as if they were alone. I don’t think they realize that everyone on the bus can hear them. And some people still don’t know how to turn their cell phones off when they’re in the theatre.

Top 10 cell phone etiquette…

  • do not use your cell phone while you are driving
  • if you are talking with someone, don’t answer your phone, that’s just rude
  • please have your cell phone turned off in areas that requires silence
  • there is no need to scream into your cell phone
  • having a wireless earpiece does not make you cool
  • it is okay to forget your cell phone at home every once in a while
  • please change your ring tone so it doesn’t play an annoying song
  • don’t try to impress anyone with your cell phone, that is so 1990’s
  • do not answer your phone if you’re at work and yell at the other person for calling at work
  • if you’re giving a order at a restaurant, stay off the phone
  • do not multitask when you’re on the phone