I’ve got mail

I woke up yesterday to find a notice left by the Canada Post courier. According to the notice he/she came to deliver a parcel around 10:15am. I’m going to assume it was a female because the hand writing is rather neat. She left this notice to inform me that I have a package waiting. As far as I know, the only package I know that is on its way here is a parcel from China. That parcel is not that big and should fit in the mailbox. The only reason why she didn’t leave it in the mail box is probably because I have to pay duty fees on it. So I have to go to the postal outlet to pick it up and pay for it.

I asked around to see if anyone was awake around 10:15am. It is rare that no one is home around that time. I was home but I was sleeping. If the knock at the door is loud enough, I could hear it but it wasn’t. But that shouldn’t have stopped three other people from hearing the knock. My mom was awake, my younger brother was awake and the black kid from next door was awake. All three of them were awake but nobody heard a knock at the door. This leads me to assume that the courier didn’t even knock. If she did, she probably knocked at the wrong house.

I hate getting these notices because it means that I have to walk all the way to the postal office to get my parcel. And it’s never at the same one either. Sometimes, I have to go pick up the parcel at the Dundurn outlet and sometimes it’s over at the Jamesville outlet. I don’t know why it would rotate between two outlets because I’m still living in the same house. All they have to do is stick to one postal outlet and make it the one that is closest to my house, which is the Jamesville outlet. But for some reason, they can’t do that.

On this notice are some information left for me by the courier. It shows that the notice was left on July 4, 2006 at 10:15am. The reason it was it was left was because there was no answer at the door. It also tells me the address of the postal office where the parcel will be going back to. The last piece of information was to let me know when the parcel will be available for pickup. This information was not stated so I have to wait until well after 5:00pm, assuming the courier works during regular business hours of 9-5. So if I head on over there after 5:00pm, the package should be there waiting for me.

But there are times when the package isn’t at the location stated on the notice. One time, I went all the way to the postal office located on Main St. East to pick up a package. When I got there, the clerk couldn’t find my parcel. I was confused because the notice said it would be available after 5:00pm at this location. I went there the next day so it should have been ready for pickup but it wasn’t there. I couldn’t do anything but go home. When I got home, I found another notice left by the courier. The same notice stating that I have a parcel waiting only this time, the postal office location changed. I was supposed to go and pick it up at the Dundurn postal office. And there was a little personal note asking me to ignore the first notice. I was pissed. How do you make a mistake like this?

So, until the courier goes back to the postal office with my parcel, I have to wait before I can go and pick it up. I don’t understand why they can’t leave the package in the mail box. If I have to pay for it, leave an invoice with it. It’s the 21st century, we shouldn’t have to wait for things. Maybe if I take to long to claim it, they will send out the courier to deliver it again. That way, I can save myself the walk. A good rule of thumb: wait until the next day to pick up your parcel. This way, if there are any mistakes with postal office, you’ll get that notice the next day and you don’t have to wait until 5:00pm to pick it up.

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  1. Don’t open it Don!!! It’s a trap!!! I once got a package like that from China. It had a cute little furry animal in it. How the hell was I supposed to know that if you exposed it to water bad things were going to happen??? Wait…. I think that was Gremlins. Never mind… go ahead and open it….

  2. hahaha! I didn’t know Gremlins were from China… I wonder what other secrets those chinamens have… maybe they have some secret wall that they built and nobody knows about it.. hmmm…

  3. those stupid couriers.. they knock wait 2 seconds and then leave. last time my passport was coming thru the mail, my mom went to open the door and the courier was already in his truck driving away….

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