Turning off MSN Messenger

For the last few days, I’ve gone on and off MSN Messenger and I’ve noticed that nothing is happening on there anymore. Practically everyone on my list has set themselves to an away status for some reason. Whether they are there or not they have decided to let everyone know that they are not there. And then there are those people whom you message but don’t get a reply from even though their status shows that they are available. So what I’ve decided to do is not sign into Messenger for a while. I’m going to take a break from all that and try to focus my time on other things.

I am currently thinking of starting up a new project. I know I have other projects out there that needs to be dealt with but I need something new. It will be something to keep me busy and out of trouble. I am not sure exactly what it is going to be about yet but I can let you know that I’ve registered another domain for it. Domains are pretty cheap these days so I’ve decided to buy another one. To my surprise, that domain was still available. With domain names going like nothing, I made sure I grabbed it while I could. It may be quite some time before the project launches. I’m going to take my time to perfect it. It won’t be anything new that you haven’t seen before. I don’t want you to get your hopes up. This is just a step to help me improve my skills as a web designer. Even if that means delaying this project to ensure that my previous projects are completed first.

Maybe I should just isolate myself away from the internet in general. All I do when I’m online is read. I am constantly reading technology news, hitting up blogs and just wasting away my time. With working and travelling to work, I don’t have much time to do anything. I want to see if I can get things accomplished by staying away from anything that can be a bit distracting.

If you don’t see me for a while you can probably find me at my usual spot. I’ll be around.

5 thoughts on “Turning off MSN Messenger

  1. haha you know what being on “away” does? So that if someone messages you and you don’t wanna talk to them, you pretend you are ‘away’ so you can just close their window without feeling guilty.. lol. Yah, you know those bums are really there. Don’t act like you guys never had that plan… =P

  2. I rarely set myself to an “away” status. I’m either online or I’m not. I don’t see the point into setting myself to “away” when I’m signed in. If I’m busy with stuff, I don’t bother logging on in the first place. That makes sense, right?

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