New layout once again

I change the layout of my site as often as I change underwear. Ha ha ha! Okay, sorry for that mental picture, I won’t do that again.

With all the time I had while riding the bus to work, I needed to put it to use so I decided to change the look of my site. I waste about five hours of my day while taking the bus. Usually during the bus rides I try and get some sleep but that is easier said than done. The bus driver can’t drive and I can’t fall asleep because my head is constantly knocking on the window.

The page is laid out exactly the same as the previous version. I got a bit lazy and leave it that way. I just gave it a new look. Below is a screenshot of the front page. It contains a brief summary of the site. It displays the three most recent blog entries, photographs and some site updates. The shoutbox is still in the same location. It should work the same as the last version unless I accidentally moved some files around. That tends to happen sometimes during site upgrades. Hopefully everything stays where they’re supposed to be.

Main page

The photoblog section remains the same as well, content on one side, links and stuff on the other side. At the moment, this is the best layout for me because it optimizes the use of the canvas. I don’t like to leave too much white space. Maybe one day I’ll sit down and think up crazy ass design that looks wicked awesome but for now, I think I’m going to stick to the two column layout.

Photo Chronicles of Don

I’m currently in the process of converting this theme to work with WordPress but I don’t think it’s 100% completed yet. So until I get those issues dealt with, it won’t be available for download. But when it does become available, a link should appear in this entry. Until then, I hope everyone likes the new look. The larger font size should make it easier to read. I have trouble reading my blogs sometimes because the font size was so small. So if you see spelling mistakes here and there, don’t worry about it.

Happy Canada Day!

8 replies on “New layout once again”

  1. Hahaha…change layout as often as you change your underwear? Yeah, it’s nice to have new look in a period of time. I love doing this when I first jumped to the Blog World. But now it seems to reach horizon(no more remarkable changes) *lol*
    However, the new layout abuses my smaller Screen Resolutions(800*600) 🙁


  2. Wow… I didn’t think anyone still had that screen resolution.. I guess for my next layout, I will have to keep that in mind…

  3. Yeah, you’re right! The resolutions seem out of date. But my old PC still adopts it as the best screen setting.
    As promised, I’m to show my iCAMBO.COM off to you. Previously, it was hosted on my own machine – and was accessible only for those who use the same ISP as mine. Now I’ve moved it to a free server, so that everyone can access to. There, you can access to my Blog and my CAMBUILD(the page has problem with database now, i’m trying to solve the problem).


  4. No wonder I couldn’t access that site. when you first told me about it, I tried to go to it but it kept failing. It’s show time now eh…

  5. Wow…. I see you host with 1and1 – it’s a big trusted company.
    Anyways, I’m looking for a paid hosting, too, since the current free hosting offers limited features, and seems not reliable/stable enough. But I’m having problem with Credit Card. I always pay in cash. This is the common problem of Cambodian students.

  6. I rarely use cash to pay for anything. We have the debit system here so everywhere I go, it’s usually interac transation.

    At the moment, I am with 1&1 but that is only until November. After that I might be moving my site over to PowWeb. They’re pretty good with pricing. Currently, they are having some issues with the upgrade but they are fixing it slowly. There are a few other hosts that are pretty good but these two the the main ones that I’ve had experience with.

  7. Oh… I must have gotten the promotion deal then. I think I’m paying something like $5/month, that’s in Canadian dollars…

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