Happy Birthday Canada!!!

July 1st, 2006 marks the 139th birthday of Canada, the land I call home. The true north strong and free! It can get a little cold up here but I don’t mind that part. I think I’ve gotten use to the cold by now. I don’t think I can picture myself living in a place without four seasons. A little change every season is a good thing. It reminds you that everything is constanly changing.

While everyone is out watching the fireworks tonight, I’ll be at work… pretending to work. I hope everyone enjoys the celebration. Usually there is a firework display down by the bay. If anyone takes any pictures, send them over and I’ll post some.

Happy Canada Day!!!

I love this commercial!

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  1. I’m in Ontario. It’s in the central part of Canada. I don’t speak french that often but I understand it a little. I speak high school french.. 😛

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