Bloody night shift

I’m stuck at the office doing another 16hr shift. What a bad time for the other guy to quit. I miss out on all the fun when I work on the weekend. Not that I do much anyway but still, no one should have to work on the weekend. I guess it can’t be helped when you work for a company that has international clients.

I lost all track of what the day was. When people asked if I was doing anything for the long weekend, I asked them when the long weekend was. I didn’t know it was this week. I told them that I had to work on the weekend, so I’ll be missing out. Since it was the Canada Day long weekend, I was hoping to capture some pictures of the firework display. Unfortunately, I am not able to do that because I’m stuck on the 10th floor of an office building.

A friend called me up and asked if I wanted to meet up at the Harbour Front to watch the firework display. I had to decline the invitation because I was miles away from the Harbour Front. But I did manage to catch some of the neighbours shooting fireworks. It’s a nice view of downtown Mississauga from the 10th floor. I saw that there were about four or five different areas where people were shooting fireworks. They weren’t that big but at least it’s something. I didn’t get a chance to watch long because the security guard was looking for me. If I didn’t reply, he would look the door to the office. Not that it would have mattered because I have a key to get in.

Anyway, while the rest of you are sleeping, I’m wide awake at work. I don’t want to make coffee here because the last time I made something, it made me want to vomit. I’ve learned my lesson from that night. After that, I prefer to walk over to Tim Horton. It’s about a five minute walk which is good because it’s nice to get out of this stuffy office.

If you are asked to do the night shift, just say no and decline the offer. Night shifts messes up your sleep routine majorly. But if it’s the only shift that’s available, well, you gotta do what you gotta do.