No sleep

It’s about 3:30am and I’m wide awake. Usually, I don’t sleep until this time anyway but the thing is, I have to be up in an hours to get ready for work. I’ve been trying to get to bed since 11:00pm but I can’t seem to fall asleep. I hate it when this happens. By […]

Stop calling me

I don’t know what is happening to the phone system at work but my cell phone has been ringing off the hook since I got home. I’m not sure if I cancelled call forwarding or not but it appears as if all the Tech Support calls are being redirected to my phone. Turning off my […]

Top 10…

I hate it when people forward me emails. I never forward anything to anyone so isn’t that enough of a hint to say that I don’t like forwarding emails. I don’t know why people take the time to forward then. They do it because the email tells them too. I don’t even bother to read […]

Crazy drivers everywhere

I’m on the road a lot nowadays because I work out of town. For the last six months, I’ve been on the highway pretty frequently and the things that I have seen makes me scared. I don’t know how these drivers got their license but it should be revoked. It doesn’t seem like they care […]

Blackout in the downtown core

I was woken up earlier today by a phone call from an unknown contact. Usually, I don’t answer the phone if I don’t know who it’s from, so I went back to sleep. But since the sun was out, I couldn’t fall back to sleep. So instead, I just woke up and did some stuff […]

More price increase

If the price of gas going up wasn’t bad enough, I have to worry about the price of my internet service going up as well. I don’t quite understand why inflation occurs and I don’t think it should be occurring in the first place. It’s not like the internet is going to disappear any time […]