Top 10…

I been taking the bus for quite some time now. I’ve spend a lot of time just waiting for it. This morning, I had to go pee really badly and with my luck, the mens washroom was out of order. I had to run over to McDonalds to use their washroom. By the time I was done, the bus had already left. So I had to wait another half an hour for the next one. When it comes to me and buses, things never go my way.

Top 10 things I hate about taking the bus…

  • when you’re late, the bus is running late as well
  • if you’re running to catch the bus, you’ll end up missing it
  • majority of the bus drivers can’t drive
  • it seems like everyone goes on the bus at the same time you do
  • no matter how packed the bus is, the driver always thinks there’s room for more
  • when you’re in a rush, there are people who will get off at every stop
  • the bus driver can’t wait for a second
  • you always end up sitting next to someone who smells
  • the bus driver likes to constantly hit the breaks
  • when you want to get off at a certain stop, the bus driver always misses that stop.