Top 10…

I hate it when people forward me emails. I never forward anything to anyone so isn’t that enough of a hint to say that I don’t like forwarding emails. I don’t know why people take the time to forward then. They do it because the email tells them too. I don’t even bother to read them anymore. As soon as I see, “FW:…” I just hit the delete button.

Top 10 things I hate about forwards…

  • I get the same forwards from people on my contact list
  • it’s the same forwards as before.
  • they are a waste of time
  • it is mostly nonsense
  • I hate having to delete them all the time.
  • people who forward the emails are gullible
  • nobody checks to see who has already received the forwards
  • forwards are stupid
  • there are no messages to me in the forwards, it comes as is.
  • there are thousands of lines worth of junk like people’s email address

2 replies on “Top 10…”

  1. Me too bro.Don .. i absolutely hate that kinda thin’.It is so annoying for instance i am always sent Ringo web..anyway this is not the email owners who conduct it otherwise that website catch some of those emails then they sen d thatmail out …in the name of those owner.

  2. I think you’re talking about junk mail, or spam… forwards are usually emails that are sent from people you know… most of them contains jokes and stuff..

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