Blackout in the downtown core

I was woken up earlier today by a phone call from an unknown contact. Usually, I don’t answer the phone if I don’t know who it’s from, so I went back to sleep. But since the sun was out, I couldn’t fall back to sleep. So instead, I just woke up and did some stuff on the computer. After about 15minutes or so everything just shut off. I thought nothing of it because it happens every once in a while and usually after a few minutes it comes back on. Only, this time, it took a while.

The downtown core was out of power for about 15 minutes. There were cars stuck at the light, pedestrians were jay walking across the street and residents were out on the streets. Surprisingly, there wasn’t much havoc going on. The last time we had a city wide blackout, things got a little crazy. Actually, I think it was a provincial wide blackout because of something in New York. Luckily, this wasn’t that big of a blackout.

I wasn’t sure if this blackout was city wide, so I called my house with my cell phone and sure enough the phone rang. When there was a provincial wide blackout, my cell phone didn’t even work. So I assumed this blackout mainly affected the downtown core. I had to go pay some bills but since the powers were out, it didn’t make much sense so I just waiting until I saw some sign of activity from the power company.

After a while, horns were starting to flare and tires were starting to screeched. It appears that some of the drivers are starting to get a little impatient. I would assume that, by now, there would be police officer at the intersection to direct traffic but there wasn’t any. I don’t think they showed up until the lights came back on. By then, it’s kind of pointless to have anyone directing traffic.

I head for the malls since the power was starting to come back. But part of the mall was still without power. There were quite a few people standing outside the entrance of the library. The food court was swarming with people too. As I walked pass the food court, I can see that half of the mall was still dark. The area that had power resumed business as if nothing had happened. TD Bank didn’t have power so they had to temporarily close. I think the bank manager was standing outside guarding the doors. When I headed towards the exit, I saw security talking to the fire department. I guess there were some people that were still in the elevator when the blackout hit. Usually the elevators run on the backup generator if a blackout should occur but I guess this one wasn’t upgraded yet.

As I got outside, I could see that there were a few buildings that haven’t received power back yet. The CIBC building had a few employees standing outside. Some of them were playing hacky sack with a small basketball but the majority of them were just standing around, enjoying the time off.

I’m not sure what exactly caused this minor blackout but I think it was good that it happened. It got everyone out of the building to enjoy this beautiful day. It was fairly cloudy, mainly sunny and a high of 22 degrees Celsius. I spend the majority of day running around doing some errands, getting some bills paid and taking pictures of stuff.