More price increase

If the price of gas going up wasn’t bad enough, I have to worry about the price of my internet service going up as well. I don’t quite understand why inflation occurs and I don’t think it should be occurring in the first place. It’s not like the internet is going to disappear any time soon so there is no need to increase the cost to run it. Price increases will only make the consumer search for another provider. Luckily for me, I signed a contract so they can’t increase my price until my contract is over.
Last night, I received an email from Sympatico stating that there will be an addition $2 increase every month for my internet service. They are saying that the reason for this increase was due to the increase of network and operational cost. They wanted to continue to provide me good service so they need to increase the price. I’m not sure what kind of good service they have been providing me but the only service I need is an internet connection. I don’t bother to call Tech Support because I never get any help. Maybe theys hould use that extra $2 per month to hire someone who knows what they’re talking about.

Sympatico notice

During my time with Sympatico, I have called Tech Support twice. The first time I called, I was having problems with my connection and I was hoping they could get me back online. But the person I spoke with wasn’t much help at all. I ended up just having to wait until the light on my modem turned green. So basically that was the solution, just waiting for the light.

The next time I called Tech Support, I made it clear to the guy at the other end that I’m well knowledged with computers. But the way he was talking made it sound like I’m computer illiterate. Again, I hinted that I know computers but nothing.

Me: I’m trying to browse the internet but I can’t go to any websites. All the LEDs are displayed on the DSL model. My router is configured with the right settings with all the firewall features turned off but I can’t seem to browser anywhere.
Tech: One moment, I will look that up. (puts me on hold) I’m sorry, we don’t deal with router issues. You will have to contact the maker of the router.
Me: The router is fine. I can detect the other computers on the network. I just can’t surf the net.
Tech: I’m sorry, we don’t support router issues.
Me: But the router isn’t the issues.
Tech: Is there anything else I can help you with?
Me: Uhhh, yeah, I still can’t surf the net.
Tech: You have to contact the make of the router for that support.

Me: I’m having trouble surfing the net.
Tech: Have you tried restarting your computer?
Me: I don’t think restarting my computer is going to do anything.
Tech: Just try it.
Me: Okay… (pretends to reboot) Alright, it’s back up now.
Tech: Okay, double click on the “e” icon then go to Tools – Option – Connection tab – Lan Settings and make sure that are no check marks beside “Automically detect settings.”
Me: Okay.
Tech: Now restart the computer.
Me: Uhhh, again?
Tech: Yes.
Me: (pretends to reboot) Okay, it’s back up.
Tech: Oaky, now try surfing the web. If it doesn’t work, try restarting.
Me: Right…

I eventually gave up and waited a while until the problem solved itself. Usually, when you’re talking to a tech support that doesn’t know what they’re talking about, leaving the situation alone will solve the problem. When my friends ask me to help with a problem, that problem is usually gone by the time I get to their house. So if people were patient enough to just wait it out, they wouldn’t need my help to solve their computer issue.