Top 10…

It’s the summer time and the ladies are out wearing practically next to nothing. I have to head to work for a double shift so I doubt I’d have time to think of this later on during the day, so I might as well get it publish now. Here’s this week’s list, in no particular order. I got stuck in a few so I had to ask some of the guys for input.

Top 10 things that girls do that guys find sexy…

  • flinging their hair back while they’re talking to you
  • the way they say, “Awwwww.”
  • when they tell you to come over by wiggling their index finger
  • the way their hips sway when they walk
  • when they bite their lip
  • a smile on their face puts a smile on your face
  • licking an ice cream
  • the way they beg you by showing cleavage
  • the way jog
  • the way they play pool
  • they way they pout (by Sotra Upthemountain, ya, that’s his last name)

A couple of items that didn’t quite make the list, for obvious reasons, “the way they fart” was suggested by Sao. Dude, that’s not sexy. That’s just plain down right nasty. Never once in my life have I heard a girl farting. Guys do it all the time. The guys I hang out with take pride in their farts. When they let one loose, they want the whole world to know. I would probably admit to murder before I’d admit to farting. That stuff is just fowl, you don’t want to be linked to that. I don’t care how close I am to my friends, I don’t fart in their presence. But apparently, the idea of girls tooting turns some guys on. The rest of us guys prefer to be out of the room when that happens.

And of course, “they way they pick their noses” was suggested by Socheat. Yeah, that’s hot! Something about seeing someone with a finger up their nose is very attractive. I’ve seen people pick their nose, roll it into a ball and then flick it. The picking the nose part is kind of disgusting but the flicking part is rather funny. That person actually took the time to roll their snot into a ball. Anyhow, rhinotillexomania is the kind of thing you do in the privacy of your own home.