Getting busier

Since the release of v8 of the site, I’ve noticed quite a bit of traffic coming this way. According to the statistic program I made, it’s showing that most of the traffic is going to my blog and photo blog. I’ve seen a lot of traffic coming in from search engines has well. People search for the weirdest thing and somehow they land on my site. I guess it’s a good thing that I blog about just about anything.

Google Analytics is doing a good job at keeping track of traffic. It tells me just about everything I needed to know. My program does the same thing but GA gives me a visual representation of it. It’s a useful tool for web masters but I just use it to see how the traffic flow is.

Geo Map Overlay

You see can here that there are visitors arriving from around the world with the majority of the visitors coming from Canada and the US albeit most of them may be spam farmers. According to my statistics, there are visitors that go to my blog page and then leave. I think if it was a real person visiting, they would surf around to, at least, one other page. So, I’m assuming that the visitor that goes to my blog directly are spam bots. It’s not like they do anything… yet anyways.

It still amazes me that I have visitors from other countries. I know that the traffic that is coming in from Asia is due to some blog links but I don’t think I’m link to anyone in Europe, let alone that little island that is located off the coast of Madagascar.

New and returning visitors

This pie chart shoes the ratio of new and returning visitors. The fact that some people are coming back to the site is good enough for me. I consider the new people a bonus.

Page views

This displays an hourly report of the traffic on the site. According to this, the site has visitors around the clock. It shows that a lot of people are on here pretty early in the morning. It’s like they are getting their daily news from my site or something.


This is a list of sites that are redirect traffic here. A large percentage of them are typing in the address directly into the address bar. It shows traffic coming from the two top search engines and you should see the stuff that people are searching for. I don’t know how it lands them to my site but I must have blogged about something closely related to their search phrase. At the moment, one of the top phrases people are searching for is “hairy women.” Usually that’s the traffic from Google. So 17.50% of my traffic is due to people searching for hairy women. They probably get pretty pissed off when they don’t see hair women on my site.


The majority of you are smart by using Firefox. Those of you that are using IE, shame on you. Aren’t you tired of all those pop ups yet?

5 thoughts on “Getting busier

  1. my comments on IE, u rite about firefox, but people on IE shouldn’t be ashame either. i’m been using IE since like forever never seen to has problem for me, i don’t switches over to firefox for a reason why, u may ask.. no shit cause i’m lazy to install it.. heheheheh

  2. Most people who get pop ups and stuff, get them because they just carelessly click things. But even without clicking on links, IE somehow installs stuff, like those useless toolbars used for searching. It could also depend on the sites that you visit as well.

  3. Konqueror is actually kinda cool. I tried it a few times… it renders this page quite nicely. Firefox on Ubuntu sorta messes this page up a little…

  4. apparently safari for OSX is based off konqueror. I always just assumed when i went to KDE i’d be using firefox, but konqueror blends in so nicely with the operating system. Still, can’t beat firefox’s plugins.

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