World Cup 2006

It appears that the World Cup is upon us. Today marks the first day of the tournament which is being held in Germany. Fans of each country are already showing their support by hold up the flag of their country. I was wondering why there were a lot of cars with flags sticking out their windows today. I was starting to think, “Wow, these Mississaugian are very patriot.” But as soon as I heard the work soccer around the office, I knew why.

I’m not much of a soccer fan so I might not be following it closely. I don’t have time for television right now so I’ll probably catch the final match. During today’s game between Germany and Costa Rica, there was already a small gathering outside The Source in Square One. They had one of those flat panel televisions on display so they tuned into the World Cup. That’s a smart way to get people to advertise the television to people. If their team wins, they might want to buy that television. But I doubt it. They’ll probably be like, “Wow, the picture on this is really clear. I can see the green on th…. Gooaaaallllllll!!!” They’ll be too busy celebrating to think about buying the television. I’m sure they’ll keep the specs in mind when they shop for a television next time.

I read over on Morn’s blog that the monks in Cambodia are allowed to watch the matches but they have to do quietly. They are not allowed to cheer or show any emotions. I’m not sure how much fun that would be. You can’t even celebrate if your team scores a call. So when your team scores, all you can do is nod. Heck, I don’t think you’re even allowed to do that. You can just stare blankly at the television screen.

Apparently, watching sports is against the Buddhist faith but that’s only because people gamble on it and stuff. So I don’t see how it’s wrong just by watching it. But I do agree that it would be a good way to test the monks and see if they can handle the job. I always thought being a Buddhist meant you were on a path to enlightment. Not a path to suppress your emotions.

Anyway, I hope everyone who’s tuning into the World Cup enjoys the tournament. I’ll probably be too busy commuting to and from work to watch anything.

Go Cambodia!