Early bird

What a long day I’ve had today. I had to get up at 4:00am to catch the 5:05am bus to Square One. I tried to get to bed as early as I could the night before but I couldn’t fall asleep. I kept waking up in the middle of the night. I ran to the washroom a few times because I drank a lot of water. That’s my backup alarm system incase the alarm clock doesn’t go off. I guess it kicked in a bit early. I ended up waking around 3:00am but I was also hoping to be able to get back to bed to catch a quick one. But no matter how hard I tried, I couldn’t fall asleep. I don’t know why, I was rather tired so I thought it’d be easy to just doze off but nope. I ended up just laying there for the next hour. When the time came to get out of bed, I did so but I was a little grumpy. By the time I got ready and left the house, it was still dark outside but it was rather warm. I dropped by Tim Horton’s to grab a coffee. The workers there were a bit surprised because usually I’m there at 1:00am and I don’t leave until 3:00am or so. They probably thought I was crazy. I probably am if I’m up that early for a shift that didn’t start for another three hours. Since I was going to be up for a bit, I decided to bring along my camera and take some quick snapshots.

Bay Street facing North

I took a few of Bay Street. It does look kind of weird to see a guy in the middle of the street, standing there for a few second. But there wasn’t a car in sight so I had nothing to worry about. Not like in Mississauga. This shot faces the northern side. You can see Tim Horton’s on the left hand side. Maybe I should go around taking pictures of all the Tim Horton’s around my place.

Bay Street facing South

This is the southern side of Bay Street. I just made an about face and took the snapshot from the same spot. The streets are pretty dead around this time. But if you were to go to some other city, I’m sure it would probably be a lot livelier. In Hamilton, the streets are clear by 9:00pm. You go to Toronto and there are still people walking around at 3:00am.

James Streeet overpass

The mall entrances were locked so I had to walk around to get to the GO Station. When I got there, I saw that it wasn’t opened until 5:00am. The bus leaves at 5:05am so I had to hurry and get a ticket before it leaves. Knowing some bus drivers, they don’t like to wait for anyone because they have a schedule to keep.

GO Station Entrance

I think the lady at the ticket booth ripped me off yesterday. I looked at my ticket when I got on the bus and saw that she charged me $17.70 which is the bus fare to Toronto. I didn’t notice that at first because I was in a rush to get on the bus. So today, I asked the lady at the booth if the ticket prices changed often. She said, “Yes, the last time it went up was back in March.” I informed her that I purchased a ticket to Square One yesterday and I was charged $17.70. She informed me that, that was the price to go to Toronto, which I know. Some people seem to like to point out the obvious. I looked atpher funny and said, “Ooookay.” She apologized on the other ticket lady’s behave, which she shouldn’t have. It wasn’t her fault, it was the other lady’s fault. How do you mistake Square One for Toronto? Square One has two syllables while Toronto has three. Plus they don’t even sound alike, not even close. That’s like say, “Hi! My name is Don.” “Oh what’s that? You’re name is John Jacob Jingleheimer Schmitt?”

GO Station

I thought nothing of it and left for the waiting area for the bus. I also grabbed a new paper on the way which I never got to read. I think I’ve managed to read the front page but that’s about it. Maybe I’ll read it during the weekend when I have some free time. But anyway, I was surprised to see that even at this early hour of the day, there are people out waiting for the bus as well. Most of them were heading towards the Oakville area for work. So I guess I shouldn’t feel so bad. These people have probably been doing this for quite some time whereas I have only been doing this… uhhh… today.

During the bus ride, I was hoping to get a glimpse of the sun rising but because the route is hardly ever straight, I rarely found a good time for a shot. So to pass the time I took a close up of my laptop. I’ve rarely use this macro feature that it is so I thought I’d test it out for a bit. The picture came out pretty clear. Looks like a professional took it.

Close up of laptop

Finally, the sun was starting to come out. I tried to take a few shots but the light kept reflecting off the window so it was fuzzy. Then the next few shots I took, I forgot to turn off the flash. I think I must have driven the bus driver crazy because he keeps seeing flashes from the corner of his eye. I finally got a good shot of the sun rising but then I notice something else.


You can’t see it clearly in the picture but towards the right side of the sun there is this weird looking cloud. From my point of view, it looked as if a plane had just gone down and it was too early in the morning for anyone to notice. I tried to take a close up of it but the window was in the way again and I kept forgetting to turn of the flash. I didn’t want to freak out the bus driver so I stopped. I just decided to wait until I got off the bus to take a picture.


This was my end result. If I waited any longer, the sun would have been too bright and I would have gone blind for staring at it for so long.

That’s all for today folks. I should be getting to bed. It’s another day at work tomorrow. It was supposed to be off but the Project Manager wanted me to go in because every Friday, the company orders out for lunch. I don’t know if it’s worth because I have to pay for bus fare to go to work. So it’s like I’m paying for a free lunch. Quiznos lunch too. That place is hella expensive. I went there one and never went back. They charged me $8 for a six inch sub. The reason why it was so expensive? Because it was “oven toasted.” Ooooooo! Fancy! But on the bright side, by going to the luncheon, I’ll get the chance to met the rest of my fellow employees. So far, I’ve only met the people on left hand side of the office. People on the right hand side, I have still yet to meet. I’ve met some of those people but that’s only because they crossed over to the left hand side. If it wasn’t for the kitchen I probably wouldn’t have met them yet.