Mississauga is full of crazies

I’ve spent almost a week in Mississauga now and so far, it’s been an okay experience. I starting not to mind coming here to work but I don’t know about having to live here. Some of the people here are crazy. Most of them seem to be very impatient. So, if you’re crazy and impatient, this is the city for you. I think I’ll pick Hamilton over Mississauga anytime.

On my way to lunch today, I heard horns flaring left, right and center. There are drivers honking at other drivers, drivers honking at pedestrians and pedestrians yelling back at drivers. It’s been like that all week. I’m not sure why some people can’t just wait for a second. Not a minute, just a second.

I’m waiting to cross the street and here in Mississauga, there are buttons that you press if you want to close the street. If nobody presses that button, the hand signal doesn’t turn into that guy. If you don’t get that sign, the cars can probably run you over and get away for it and then the cops can charge you for jaywalking. I’ve seen people just walk across the street when there’s no walk signal given. Usually, if you don’t see the walk signal it means that the cars in the turning lane have been given the right of way. After a few seconds the right of way arrow goes away and the lights goes green for the rest of the cars. Also, the hand signal turns into that walking guy. That’s when it’s okay for you to walk.

Since there are impatient people in this city, the people who are turning are still turning even though they no longer have the run of way. Everyone is speeding to make the light but if there are three cars left when the light goes away, those three cars are still trying to make the light. And because the green light has gone away for them, the cars at the front of the pack are flaring their horns at the last car that turned. Even the car that is making a left turn is honking its horn. I don’t understand why though. I would understand if it was the cars that were going straight but the car that isn’t going anywhere, I don’t know. This car is just going to inch forward a meter and then stop because the cars going straight and the right of way. So what’s the point in honking for? It’s not like it’s going anywhere. So this car stopped it from turning, so what? The cars that are going straight are stopping it from turning too. so why doesn’t the driver honk at them?

Now, on to the crazy people that lives in Mississauga. During the last few days, I’ve seen tonnes of people just crossing the street without looking. They assume a car is going to see them and stop. What they fail t notice is that if they car is close by, it’s going to take a while before it comes to a complete stop. But that doesn’t seem to scare these people. They just cross the street whenever they feel like it. The drivers are already impatient, I think they are going to mind it if they have to stop. Plus, I don’t think they’re going the speed limit either. Judging by the sounds of it, I think they’re going close to 70kkm/h. I wouldn’t want to be jaywalking with crazy drivers on the street.

Just yesterday, I saw a couple of teenagers mindlessly crossing the busy intersection. I’m not sure if they were walking and then the light turned red, but they made it to the median that divides the street. They cold have just stayed there and waited for the light to go green again but they didn’t, they kept walking. By the time the light turned green for the cars, they were only in the first lane and they had two lanes left to cross. Horns flaring! Teenagers screaming! More horns flaring! Holy crap! It’s like these people have gotten sick of everything that’s going on in this city and just don’t care no more. They do whatever they want. And I have yet to see a police car cruising the streets. I see one parked outside Square One but I don’t think I’ve ever seen that cruiser move anywhere. Every time I get to work, I see it parked there. Every time I leave work, it’s still parked there. What good is a police car that stayed parked in the parking lot? Maybe it belongs to the meter maid. But it says “Police” on it and it’s parked outside the Community Police Center, so I doubt it belongs to a meter maid.

So far, the only person who is not crazy is this hot Asian chick that works as a receptionist with the company across the hall. I think she’s Asian though. She looks Asian. Well, until I get confirmation, she is now Asian. I see this hot Asian receptionish chick every time I go to the washroom. I walk down the hall like I’m all cool and stuff… then I realize that I’m going to the washroom and be like, “Doh!” Way to be cool, cool guy!