Make up your mind

So far, working in Mississauga is a bit on the sucky side. Not only do I have to get up at least three hours before my shift starts but the bus ride takes just as long. I’ve been training for the last few days now and I’m not quite sure if I know what I’m doing yet. The job requirements are fairly basic so I don’t have to learn too much. But what I do have to learn is a bit complicated at first. I’m getting trained by three to four different people and they all have their own ways of doing thing. So once I figure out my way around things, I should be okay.

Speaking of finding my way around things, I got lost inside Square One today. I went out to lunch but not at Wendy’s today, at McDonald’s. The line up was short but I was the last to be serve even though I got there first before the other people. There were three cashiers open so three lines. But not just any line, it’s a first come first serve kind of line. What I mean that by is, when the cashier asks “May I help you?” She’s not talking about the next person in line. She’s talking about the first person to get in front of her. Because there are three different lines, I stayed in my line because that’s what you do when you’re in line. But the one cashier completed her orders before everyone else so her line was empty. So people from other lines started jumping to that line, something I neglected to do because there was only one person in front of me. Lucky me, it’s the one customer that likes to make complicated order.

First, he wanted to know how much a Happy Meal costs but just the sandwich. He cashier didn’t know off the top of her head so she asked the next cashier. “$1.30 plus tax, $1.60”

Customer: Okay, I take 6 double cheese burger happy meals, only burger and no bacon.
Cashier: So you want a plain double hamburger?
Customer: Yes, double cheese burger, no bacon and no cheese.
Manager: Just punch in a bacon double cheese burger with no bacon.
Customer: No, I don’t want anything on it. No bacon, no cheese, no nothing.
Cashier: That would be a plain double hamburger.
Manager: Just make a plain cheese burger!

Meanwhile, the cashier is trying to fix up her order because she is punching in six double cheeseburgers with no bacon, no pickle, no ketch, no mustard and no cheese. From experience, if the cashier punches in that kind of order, I get pretty pissed off because that’s just stupid. A bacon double cheeseburger without bacon, or cheese or the works is called a plain double hamburger. Usually, it’s the trainees that does stuff like this because the customers are stupid and gives them a hard time.

After all the confusion, I finally get to make my order. I ended up in the next line anyway. I’ve been to McDonald’s a few times so I know how to order. I don’t need to think about what I want to get. By the time I get inside McDonald’s I know I’ll be ordering a Big Mac combo with a Coke, super size the fries, for here, please. I don’t understand how people can get to the front of the line and be like, “Ummm, I’ll have the chicken sandwich. No, no. The Big Mac with fries and a Coke, no diet Coke. And that’s for here.” Minutes later, when the cashier is about done with the order, “Make that to go.” How hard is it to give a simple order? If you’re going to order a Big Mac with fries and a drink, just say that you want a Big Mac combo. Some people don’t notice it but when they order everything separately, the cashier will charge for each item separately which will be something like a buck or two more.

While I’m talking about McDonald’s I would like to mention that it is not a five star restaurant. Don’t expect top of the line service. The employees that work there are getting paid minimum wages. They shouldn’t have to kiss your ass because you’re dropping five bucks on an order. Hey, hey big spender! Some people expect a lot from McDonald’s employees or any food service worker, for that matter. Their jobs give you what you asked for. If they made a mistake, just tell them that it’s not right. Don’t be an ass about it. If you do, there’s a chance that they will give you something extra.

Now, what was I talking about? Oh right, getting lost in Square One. After I was done eating, I left McDonald’s and entered Walmart. I saw an exit that lead outside so I assumed that was the right one. I walked through the doors and saw that it wasn’t. I was facing the wrong way. The right exit was supposed to face the opposite direction. I thought about walking around but it was too hot and I preferred the air conditioned mall over the heat. I looked for the next entrance to the mall and went in. I ended up walking around in circles a few times before finding the right exit. Because of that, I was late getting back to work from lunch. Luckily, the Project Manager hasn’t returned from his lunch yet.

He took a long one after telling me not to do that. He informed me that I was allowed two fifteen minute breaks and one thirty minute lunch but I’m not allowed to take the whole one hour at the same time. Then he leaves and says, “I’ll be back in an hour.” Not setting a good example now is he? But still, he seems like a cool guy.

After work, I grabbed the 5:25 Go bus back to Hamilton so I waited at my regular waiting place. The next bus came and I got on. When the bus got to the exit to get onto the highway, it took an unexpected turn. I started to worry because this might be the bus that’s coming from Hamilton and is heading to York. I didn’t read the sign when I got on. It was a bit late to get off because we’re close to getting onto the highway. I turned around and asked the girl behind me.

Me: Is this bus going to Toronto?
Girl: No, it’s going to Hamilton.
Me: Does it always take this route? (pronounced like “root”)
Girl: Excuse me?
Me: Does it always take this route? (pronounced like “rout”)
Girl: Yes.
Me: Doesn’t it usually turn left on City View Dr?
Girl: *Looks at me funny*
Me: Okay! Thank you!

I don’t know why but this bus took another route to get onto the highway. It still ended up on the same highway only it took the long way or something. Dah well, I got home safe cuz I didn’t have to puke this time around. If only all the bus rides were like that, I’d be happy. Unless I move down to Mississauga, then I can avoid the whole bus ride complete.