Ubuntu 6.06: Dapper Drake

I’ve upgraded my existing Linux distribution on my laptop to the newest version of Ubuntu, version 6.06, Dapper Drake. Ubuntu is one of the easiest versions of Linux ever made. In previous years, I attempted to use the Mandriva and Red Hat distro but they didn’t interest me at the time. Now, I’ve decided to give Linux another shot since it’s starting to get popular.

My laptop had Ubuntu 5.10: Breezy Badger but it was just sitting there idling. I think the only thing it was good for was for playing Tetris. I chose Ubuntu because it was the one that everyone was talking about at the time. I downloaded the image file for Dapper Drake and started the installation process.

The Ubuntu Live CD allows you to test out Ubuntu before you install it for good. This is a good way to test out the operating system to see if you like it or not, which is what I did. The installation process was a breeze. The process was pretty much automated. I barely had to pay attention during the install to make sure things were working fine.

Ubuntu desktop

After the installation was completed, I logged in and test drove the OS for a while. The default theme was a nice shade of brown. My network card was installed automatically but I had to play around with some stuff in order to get my wireless card to work. There was a shortcut icon on desktop for my NTFS partition so I can access my Windows files. Other than that, there wasn’t much else. I didn’t get a chance to play around with any of the applications. I installed the new distro for one thing, the spinning cube.

Watch video

This is one of the coolest things ever! Things like this makes working on the computer fun. I saw another video that switched between Linux, OSX and Windows. There are a few other effects as well. Like for example, the when you minimize or maximize the window it’ll look as if you’re pulling on each corner and stretching them. It had this rubbery effect added.


There was a handful of accessories that came pre-install such as a dictionary, calculator and a character map. I didn’t spend a lot of time playing around with theses. Just launched them and took a screen shot. With all of these running, my laptop was still running fairly smoothly. If I was to do this in Windows, you would see a bit of a slow down.


Evolution is the default email client that came with Ubuntu. I’ll be replacing it with Thunderbird soon, just because I feel like it.


Firefox is the default browser that also comes preinstalled. I expected that my website display the same way as if I was viewing it with Windows but as you ca see there are some problems. I’m not sure why it’s doing that in Linux while Firefox in Windows is displaying everything correctly. Something I’ll have to look into.


Last but not least, games. Ubuntu comes with a handful of games to keep you busy. I think these are the standard games that come with every distro of Linux. There are about sixteen games that came preinstalled. I don’t play games much so I’ll probably end up getting rid of most of them.
This is just the surface of what Linux has to offer. There’s still the office suite that I haven’t touched yet. Also it has an instant messenger client that will work with MSN Messenger, Yahoo! Messenger, AOL and ICQ to name a few. GIMP is Linux’s equivalent to Adobe Photoshop. After using Photoshop all this time, using GIMP is a bit harder. I tried it out for a minute or so and just gave up. There’s a music player installed as well but really didn’t test that out much.

Linux looks like it’s getting easier and easier to use. I wouldn’t be surprise if it takes over. Not a lot of people are using Linux yet and I’m not sure why. It’s free, fairly easy to set up and using it isn’t all that difference than Windows.

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  1. couldn’t agree more, although i do have it disabled. I will admit, there are things i miss about gnome… namely the ease of customizing it… KDE ain’t hard… but it sure as hell isn’t intuitive.

    Also, I dare you to try Amarok and see if that convinces you to switch to the KDE side. But alas, I think linux is heading towards gnome anyhow. All the licenseing issues with Qt seem to have the corporate distro’s going gnome. I’ll be curious to see how gnome is in a year or so.

  2. is Amarok going to suck? because if it does, I don’t wanna install it. Is it possible to install KDE and use that deskop over Gnome cuz I don’t think I know how to do that yet… I’m a linux newb.

  3. yeh you can by installing kde_desktop… but it tends to get messy even though everyone says it won’t.
    Amarok will suck thru gnome, as it will most likely crash alot and open up weird windows.

  4. I tried out Amarkok… it doesn’t even play my mp3s. It goes through the playlist but I don’t hear anything. It’s as if it’s “fast forwarding” through my songs without actually playing it. But I’m going to install kubuntu tonight unless there’s a way keep ubuntu and just install kde desktop on top?

  5. ah, you need to install the xine mp3 packages to make it work… check out the unoffical ubuntu starters guide

    you can install kde from your regular distro, but it kinda makes things ugly. when you get kde installed, msn me, i’ll give you some advice on configuring it… kde isn’t as straight forward to theme as gnome… but it get’s pretty crazy when it is

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