Conversation with the man upstairs

I was reading the Dilbert blog, by Scott Adams today and the most recent entry seemed to have gotten a few readers pretty mad. Well, I think there isn’t a day where an entry doesn’t fire anyone up. Today’s entry is about talking to God. Adams wanted to know what God sounded like so he asked the readers, who have spoken to God, to give a description of what God’s voice sounds like.

Some of the comments that were left were funny. One reader left a comment stating that God speaks with him via email. That would make sense since we are in the technological age where billions of emails are sent everyday. In the movie, “Bruce Almighty” Jim Carey got to be God and he replied to everyone’s prayers via email. I’m sure that, God being as powerful as he is, probably has the best computer in the universe. Who knows, He’s probably running Windows XP. Not the Home, Media or Professional edition but the Special Higher Being edition.

Then there were the comments that weren’t so funny. There was one comment where the reader called Adams “an arrogant prick.” Another read said that Adams will “be burned at the stake.” I think what Adams is trying to do here is start a discussion. Some of the discussions he brings up are things that most people don’t talk about because it’s crossing the line. Religion seems to be the focal point lately and some people are afraid to mention religion in fear of stirring up trouble.

Some people were saying that when they hear the voice of God in their head, they know it’s God and not their conscience. First of all, nobody knows what God sounds like so how can they possibly know it’s God that is talking to them. Secondly, if I started hearing voices in my heard that isn’t mine, I would start to get worried. “You talk to God, you’re religious. God talks to you, you’re psychotic.” That’s a quote from “House.”

I’m not big on this whole religious thing but I don’t think God speaks to us. Come on, this is God. He is a higher being with supernatural powers. Why would he want to talk with us? We’re just some small insignificant speck of dust in this vast universe. If you want to speak with God, see if you can speak with the Queen of England first. She was appointed to the throne by God so if you can get a minute of her time, then you’re one step closer to getting a chance to speak with God. That’s if you can find him.