Fixing up the ride

Yet another hot and humid day in Hamilton. I woke up late in the afternoon again due to some late night internet surfing. It took me a while to get myself out of bed and started with some errands. Since it was nice and cool in my room but scorching hot outside, I wasn’t in any rush to get started.

I had to get to Canadian Tire today to pick up a battery for the Camry. I really didn’t know what to expect because it’s been a while since I worked on a car. A couple of summers ago, my dad and I did an engine swap on the Civic so swapping a battery should be a piece of cake. Only problem is, I had to go buy a new one. Little did I know that it would cost $100 for a new battery. And the thing weighs a ton!

I walked around Canadian Tire for a couple minutes before I found the battery isle. I checked the computer for the battery that matched the Camry, grabbed it and went to the cashier. While in line, the cashier yelled over to me and told me that I had to go back downstairs to get warranty for it. I thought warranties were purchased at the front cash. So back I go, down to the automotive department. Turns out, I was supposed to bring the battery to the desk, they jot down some stuff on a pamphlet and then they’ll send the battery up to the service department to have it tested. The service department is where I go to pick up and pay for the battery as well.

The battery was the Motomaster 72 which came with a two year free replacement period and a six year total limited warranty. Basically, this means that if one day my car decides not to start because the battery is dead, they will dispatch someone to jump start my car. But I’m only eligible for one boost, after that, I’m on my own. If the battery needs to be replacement, they will do it for free. I’m not sure how many times I get to do that but I’m guessing at least once. All of that cost me $114.99. But I did get $1.30 in Canadian Tire money which is just as good as cash. It’s like, you buy a battery and you get a free bottle of Coke or something.

The next obstacle was to get this heavy ass battery home. There was no way in hell I’m going to walk home carrying this thing. I had to walk to the nearest bus stop which was about a couple blocks away. My hands were already starting to hurt from having carrying the battery for two blocks. I had to alternate hands to ease the load on each hand. It’s a good thing I didn’t have to wait long for the bus otherwise I would have been in more pain.

When I got on the bus, the driver asked if I’m going to watch out for the battery. I’m guessing that from his experience a lot of people goes out and spend $100 on a battery so they can leave it on the bus. If only I could have found those people, then I could have saved myself $100. I assured the bus driver that I will be keeping an eye on my battery because I don’t want to waste $100.

The bus ride didn’t last long but it did help me out a little. I planned on getting off this bus and then transferring to another bus. But the second bus drove off before I could cross the street to catch it. I don’t know why the buses always take off when I get close by. I hated it when that happened to me while I was attending school.

By the time I got home, I could barely move my hands. I had trouble trying to open the door. Who knew a car battery could be this heavy. Next time, I’m going to wait until I get a ride before going out to buy another battery.

Toyota Camry

This is the car that the battery is going into, a four door ’92 Toyota Camry. I got the new battery installed and cranked it up. It had a bit of trouble starting since it hasn’t been started in months. Everything inside seemed to be working except the air conditioner. I guess I’ll have to drive around with the window down. Before I can start driving it, I have to get a safety done on it. I’m planning on heading down to the shop tomorrow to get it certified. After the safety, it’s going to need a new catalytic converter because the old one is starting to go bad. I don’t know if I can afford to get this car on the road. The cost to get it certified and everything is high enough and then I have to worry about insurance which is going to cost me over $3000 a year. That’s going to be hard to do since I don’t have a job at the moment.