Free long distance

My friend informed me that anyone in Canada and the US can have free long distance phones calls from computer to a land line. Normally, you would have to pay to use a service like this but from now until the end of 2006, Skype is offering this feature for free.

I haven’t used Skype in a while so I thought my account would have been cancelled by now. But to my surprise, my account was still active. That saved me the trouble of having to register again.

Skype user interface

The Skype dial window. As you can see, it’s pretty straight forward. If you can use a phone, you’ll have no problem with this. The only thing is, you have to dial “+1” before your calls. That’s the international code for Canada and the US. Dialing “+011” would be placing a call overseas and that will cost you. But I don’t think Skype will let you do that at the moment. Maybe not until you purchase some credits first.

Skype chat window

This is the Skype chat window. You’re not limited to just making phone calls. You can also chat with your contacts as well. It works like any other instant messenger program. So if you’re interested in making some free long distance phone calls, head on over to Skype’s website, download the program, register an account and start talking. Keep in mind that this promotion is until the end the year. Unfortunately, this offer is only valid in Canada and the US but if I hear anything about any international promos, I’ll let everyone know.

Download Skype