Not according to plan

Today, I had initially planned on heading down to take some pictures of Tews Falls in Spencer’s Gorge. It was a nice day so I didn’t mind taking the trip. The distance from my house to Webster’s Fall Road is about twelve kilometer. That’s about a fifteen minute car ride so you’re looking at something like an hour bike ride.

But things didn’t work out the way I had planned it. I packed my bag with three bottles of water which should last me the trip there. I brought extra batteries incase I ended up taking a lot of pictures. I even brought an extra memory cartridge to allow me to take even more pictures. I met up with Alvin’s at his place and then we were off. We stopped by the gas station to get some air for our tires. His bike was running a little flat. After that, we were set.

Somewhere down the road I hear this loud pop. We were passing buy a car that was vacuuming so we thought it was them. My first reaction was to check my tires but they were fine. Then things started to get a little wobbly and that’s when I check my front tire. It popped! I took the bike out yesterday down to the bay but it was fine. Now, I rode the bike for about two minutes today and it pops. That’s messed up I tell you.

We ended up just walking the bike back home. What a waste of time that was. Why did my bike tire have to pop on a day that I wanted to go somewhere far? I’m hoping that the patch job that I did today will be sufficient enough to last me the trip tomorrow. But after what happened today, I don’t think I want to take the bike down to Webster’s Fall anymore. If we do manage to get there, it’ll be a long hike up to the picture and I don’t have anything to lock up the bikes with. I guess I’ll have to find another way over there. I can always take the bus to the end of the line and then hike the rest of the way. That sounds like a good course of action.