Who’s Don Khuth?

JaK Attack is a podcast hosted by Jon Watson and Kelly Penguin Girl. The podcast is broadcasted from Calgary, Alberta and it is starting to pick up pace. Jon and Kelly did a podcast a while back for another company but now they’re free to do their own. I’ve tuned into their show since the beginning and so far, I like it. They have lots to say, occasional interviews and they’re funny. I’ve noticed that it’s getting funnier and funnier with every show which is good because it keeps their listeners entertained.

You should hear the commercials they have on there. There was one about being a school that teaches you how to be those announcers at places like the airport. And there’s a part where the guy was like, “We’ll teach you how to mumble important words.” That part is so true! And the funniest thing I’ve heard of lately was their public service announcement where the operator goes, “The number, 9-1-1, has been changed to an unpublished number!” I burst out laughing as soon as I heard that!

Usually I don’t listen to the show exactly when it’s released. Sometimes it takes me a few days before I download the mp3 file. Today, I found the time to listen in on show #15. There was a section of the show that caught me by surprised. On their recent shows, there is a section of it called ‘Shout Outs and Bork Outs’ where they give props and well, I’m not sure exactly what a Bork out is but it’s something on the lines of bashing someone. On this show, Jon had some stuff to say about Purolator because they’re taking a long time to deliver his new laptop.

To my surprise, I got a shout out. I had to rewind it right there and then because I wasn’t sure if it was my name or if I was hearing things. Turns out, Jon was giving me a shout out for designing the Linux World Network template. How cool is that? It kind of makes me feel like I’m famous. Being a small city guy, I’m just use to having people around here know of me. But JaK Attack has listeners from around the world. So when they mention my name once… BOOM! It’s like all of a sudden I’m known around the world. It’s a very happy feeling and it puts a big grin on my face.

Download Jak Attack #15

2 replies on “Who’s Don Khuth?”

  1. I know the feeling. I get mentioned now and again on podcasts and blogs (mostly bad stuff, but you know..) and it’s always weird to hear your name.

    But hey! Great looking temptates!


  2. What bad things could they possibly say about you, Jon? You a funny guy! I get people saying bad stuff about me too but I don’t know why, I’m not a bad person… honestly…

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