Life in the limelight

Being a celebrity has its perks but why is that? A lot of people out there are so involved in the lives of celebrities. They want to know all the gossips, who their dating, what their favourite songs are, even what they do on their spare time. Most people know more about celebrities than they do their next door neighbour. As entertaining as it is to follow their lives, I prefer not to concern myself with people I have never met before. My life revolves around my family and friends, people whom I see on a daily basis, people who take the time to care about my well being. Celebrities don’t have a clue of who I am. So why should I care about them?

Ever since I started college, the amount of time I spend watching television has drastically decreased. I barely get the chance to watch a full episode of any show. I have never seen an episode of ‘The O.C’ or even Prison Break. So when people are talking about either show, I have no input into the matter. I would prefer that they not explain it to me because, chances are, I will never find the time to watch any episodes.

Lately, I have secluded myself from the entertainment business. I could care less about who is dating who or what sort of trouble they are getting into. I think people take the time to talk about celebrities as a way to pass the time. If one person is saying something about a celebrity and the other person knows the exact same piece of information, there is not much of a discussion going on. It is just two people agreeing with everything the other person is saying. It’s a waste of time if you ask me.

When I am out for coffee with some friends, we discuss things. Some of them are stupid things and some of them are interesting things, nonetheless, we discuss it. The more I grow up the more I start to understand the human psyche. What I have learned is that everyone wants to be connected with the world somehow. The internet is connecting people from the four corners of the globe. Everyone has some interest in what others are saying. Why do you think blogs have become so popular in the last year? I am always interested in what others have to say about thing. I may not agree with some of the issues but that’s me. The author has the right to their own opinion and if they’re not willing to be open minded and see things from both sides, I am not going to waste my time trying to persuade them to believe otherwise.

I think that once you become famous, there are lots of people who like you but you’ll have your share of people who dislikes you. The reason they dislike you could be something stupid like, they don’t agree with your fashion sense. You cannot make everyone happy all the time. There will always be someone who will search for any reason not to like you. That is how gossips are formed. I prefer not to be apart of any gossip. I do not need my life to become any more complicated than it already is.

As for the time being, the world is my stage. I’m in the limelight every time I speak in front of family and friends. That’s all the exposure I need. The celebrity’s life has nothing to do with my life. What goes on in their lives should be of no importance to me. They have their lives to live and I have mine.