Hello Moto!

Once again, I’ve upgraded my cell phone. It appears that, on average, I get a new cell phone every year. I’m not sure why I keep getting another one when I barely use it in the first place. I guess the change is nice.

2002: When I bought my cell phone, I got a good number, one that was fairly easy for my family and friends to remember and that number is two digit different from my house number. When I signed up, I picked a number that I thought was good at the time. I went back to the store the next day to change that number to match my house. The phone that came with the contract was a Nokia 3360. It’s a bulky little phone that weighed a bit heavy. I bought that phone because a classmate got one. I signed on with a three year contract so the phone was free. As always, I tend to customize everything I own so it looks good. I changed the light that shines on the screen to a blue light. That was a bad move because the guy that performed the customization caused my reception to mess up. From that day on, I had a lot of problems with my cell phone. I even sent it in for repairs but they sent it back the way it was sent in. So much for that idea. I couldn’t do anything else but get a new phone. If I didn’t, I would be wasting my phone paying for monthly phone bills for a phone that I couldn’t make calls on.

Nokia 3360

2003: The next phone I bought was a Motorola v60 flip phone, my first flip phone and I got it on eBay. At the time, that model was going for $150 but I bought it for $50, shipping included. It was unlocked so if I wanted to change from Rogers to Fido, I could without having to buy a new phone. This phone wasn’t too bad. I couldn’t customize it much because I didn’t have anything to use to customize it. After my last experience, I wasn’t going to tamper with any more electronic stuff. What I did end up doing was converting it from v60g to v60i. The different is that the v60i lets you change the faceplate, that was about it. I used that phone until Rogers called me up and said I was eligible for a hardware upgrade.

Motorola v60

2004: The customer service representative from Rogers told me that I can pick any phone from the Rogers website. So I surfed on over to rogers.com and browsed their collection of cell phones. I picked the one I wanted and placed a call to customer care. The lady I spoke with told me that the phone I wanted would cost me $150. I told her that someone said I was eligible for a free phone because it was my two year anniversary. She informed me that I was only able to select from a list of phones and the v300 wasn’t on that list. The phones that were on that list were crappy phones that cost $50 or so. If I wanted the v300 phone, I would have to pay extra. After careful consideration, the other phones were crap anyway, so I stuck with my pick. Originally, the v300 would have cost me $300 but because I was using my hardware upgrade, I would only have to pay half price. But there was also another catch. I would have to sign up for an extra year contract. I didn’t find that out until I went to go pick up the phone. I didn’t care about that because I was getting a new phone so I went with it.

Motorola v300

2005: After using the v300 for about a year and customizing the hell out of it, I was in the market for another phone. I searched on eBay to see if anything was available. That’s when I saw that there was an auction for a v551. The difference between the v300 and the v551 was video capabilities. The v300 lets you takes pictures with the camera while the v551 lets you do that plus records video. I bought that v551 and auctioned off the v300. The v300 phone was unlocked so I got a price for it. After shipping and everything, the v551 ended up costing me $50 and it was unlocked.

Motorola v551

2006: My v551 was slowly starting to mess up. The battery would last a day on standby. If I didn’t charge it up the night before, it would die by the following evening. I think the reason for that was because I switched batteries before I sold my v300. I checked the date on the battery and the battery in my v300 was newer than the battery in the v551. I’m guessing that because the v551 uses more power, the v300’s battery wasn’t enough. So it drained the battery fairly quickly, even on standby mode. Again, I looked for a new phone. I was thinking about get the v3 Razr for a while but I couldn’t afford it. I wasn’t willing to spend $300 or more for a phone that had the same features as the one I had now. Some time down the road, Alvin called me up and told me to call Joe. I gave Joe a call and he told me he had a v3 for dirt cheap… $80. Only thing was, it was locked and it didn’t come with anything, not even a charger. I didn’t care, $80 for a v3 is better than paying $300 or more.


After getting the phone, I bought a charger for $40 and unlocked it for $30. So this phone cost me $150, half the price of what it normally costs. Of course, I had to customize it, it has become tradition to customize my phone. I put a wallpaper of Hyori Lee, added my Zelda ring tone and changed the display to read my name rather than saying Rogers. That way if anyone steals my phone, I’ll have something to identify it by. A few days after, guess what I did. I dropped the phone… on cement! The phone was in mint condition, not a single scratch and I go and do this. Shit! I don’t know what it is with me and phones but I drop my phones all the time, for stupid reasons too. I was playing basketball and I just want to take one shot. My phone was in my jacket pocket and it jumpped out. Luckily, the damage wasn’t too bad. Functionality wise, it’s working just fine. Cosmetically, it has some minor scratches here and there, barely noticeable.

moto2.jpg moto3.jpg
moto4.jpg moto5.jpg moto6.jpg

I think this is going to be the last phone that I buy for a while. It looks good, the features are up-to-date, it has a camera and it’s BlueTooth ready. So unless there’s a new phone that comes out with features like, turning my computer on, activating an alarm system on my laptop or predicting the winning 6/49 numbers, I doubt I’ll be buying another one any time soon.