I can’t count

Mind you, I can count just fine. I can count to at least ten in five different languages. I just find it very annoying when you’re trying to do something and someone interrupts you as you’re doing it. Patience shouldn’t be a virtue, it should be common sense. You ask a question, you wait for a reply, it’s that simple. Don’t expect much if you interrupt the process.

Once in a while, my mom would ask for my help doing some financial stuff. The Cambodian community would send money back over to our country, to family members over there. So to ease the process of having money sent, they would bring the money to my parents and my parents would send it to a correspondence back home. That person would distribute it to the families and the families would call their family member over here to let them know that the funds have been received. All the funds are in U.S currency and I have to double check to make sure that we are buying a bank draft for the correct amount.

My mom would come into my room with a clipboard and an envelope. On the clipboard is a piece of line paper with the names of the family members in Cambodia, along with the amount that is being sent. In the envelope are U.S dollars ranging from one dollar to the hundred dollar denominations. Adding up the amount of money that is written on the piece of paper is no problem. I just open up Excel and type in each number one by one. I double check to make sure the amount matches that on the paper. Once that has been confirmed, I just type in the formula to add up all the cells and give me a grand total.

None of that is distracting, I can multitask to do the typing and the checking simultaneously. It’s when I’m counting the money, that’s when my mom would start asking questions or telling me to make sure that the bills don’t stick. I’ll be counting towards the double digits when my mom will start telling me this stuff. And when your mom talks, you have to listen. So when I listen, I lose track of what number I’m on. So I’ll start over. Midway through, my mom would say something again. And once again, I lose track. I do it a third time and that’s why I finally get through, only because I ignored my mom while I was counting, but don’t tell her I did that.

Another thing I find a bit annoying is when someone asks you a question and doesn’t give you any time to answer. I’m not sure what’s going on in their heads at the time but usually you have to wait for an answer. If you’re going to give options to that question, there not much point in asking in the first place. I would understand if the answer was either ‘yes’ or ‘no’ but if it’s a more complex questions, you have to give some time for an answer. Questions are asked so you can get the opinions of others. Giving them options with the questions would make the answer seem a bit biased.

Of course, this is just me. I can’t say the same for others. Throughout the years, I found that my patiences are starting to wear thin. I don’t have a high tolerance for certain things like I use to. But I guess change is all part of growing up.