Ghetto Dentist

I had to take my mom to the dentist earlier today. She wanted to go to the dentist that is located on the floor below the family doctor’s. It was a small little office and it’s about a ten to fifteen minute walk. It wasn’t too bad out today so I didn’t mind the walk.

This dentist place, like most other, requires an appointment. My mom didn’t have one but she thought that because it was in the same building as the family doctor’s, you wouldn’t need an appointment. All you have to do is walk in and wait. That wasn’t the case, we needed an appointment, but luckily the dentist had a few extra minutes. He quickly did a check up and gave us an answer. One of my mom’s teeth had to be extracted. Turns out he had more extra time to actually do the extraction. Other place would take their time, but he said he would take two minutes. Unbariabrar!

But before the extra would be done, he needed some x-rays done. One of the assistant, who happens to be Cambodian too, came in and started asking my mom questions. I think her Khmer was worst than mine. She was supposed to come in and ask my mom questions in Khmer but it ended up being Khminglish. There were times where I had to translate her English into Khmer and I’m not that good. We alternated translating for each other.

When it came time to do the x-ray, I had to leave so I went and sat outside. I’m not sure exactly why no one is allowed to be in the room while the x-ray is being done. It’s like they’re going to die if the x-ray touches them. X-rays are Kryptonite for dental hygienists but it’s fine for everyone else. Much like Superman loses his powers when he’s around Kryptonite but we’re fine when we’re exposed to it.

Minutes later, I’m still waiting in the waiting room. I see my mom and the assistant walk towards the other x-ray machine. This one is for taking pictures of the whole mouth. They had to maneuver around a girl that was paying for her dental care. This office is so small that only one person can walk the hallway at a time. After a while, I saw people leaving the office and it looked like they were hiding. The dentist and the secretary hide somewhere in the other room while the assistant and the patient was out in the waiting room beside me. I’m like, what’s going on here? Why are they so afraid of x-rays? I can understand that prolong exposure is risky, but why did the secretary and the dentist have to hide? The assistant is the one that is operating the machine so she has to move away. I think the dentist and the secretary were bored so they decided to play along. A wall should provide sufficient protection against x-rays. Either that or this office needs to upgrade.

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