Fixing up the ride

Yet another hot and humid day in Hamilton. I woke up late in the afternoon again due to some late night internet surfing. It took me a while to get myself out of bed and started with some errands. Since it was nice and cool in my room but scorching hot outside, I wasn’t in […]

Take a hike

Once again, it was another beautiful day in the fine city of Hamilton, Ontario. Temperature reached as high as 32 degrees Celsius, with a low of 19 and a possibility of thunderstorm during the evening. But since the thunderstorm wasn’t scheduled to arrive until the late night, I took the opportunity to take a visit […]

Free long distance

My friend informed me that anyone in Canada and the US can have free long distance phones calls from computer to a land line. Normally, you would have to pay to use a service like this but from now until the end of 2006, Skype is offering this feature for free. I haven’t used Skype […]

Not according to plan

Today, I had initially planned on heading down to take some pictures of Tews Falls in Spencer’s Gorge. It was a nice day so I didn’t mind taking the trip. The distance from my house to Webster’s Fall Road is about twelve kilometer. That’s about a fifteen minute car ride so you’re looking at something […]

Lazy Sunday

I don’t know what it is lately but I’ve been really tired. Last night I went to bed at 10:00pm, hoping that I’ll be up early in the morning. I was up fairly early but I ended up just going back to sleep. I didn’t wake up again until 1:00pm. My sleep rhythm is way […]