Not where I saw myself

Remember when you were younger, back in middle school or so, the teacher asked, “Where do you see yourself in x amount of years?” Yeah, I don’t quite remember it either, but nonetheless, you were asked this question at some point in the past. If you weren’t, then I’ve just asked you a few seconds ago, just so you don’t feel left out. Unfortunately, I have to say that I do not believe that I am where I thought I would be at this point of my life. I believe that the question was asked so you can set a goal for yourself. I had a goal set back then but things changed and I veered off course. And because I never got myself back on track, the goal that I set just disappeared.

I had a few goals that I set for myself and hoped to achieve by the time I turned twenty five. The list was as follows, in no particular order:

  • work full time for a big company
  • graduate from college
  • purchase my own car
  • be in a good relationship
  • take a vacation

From that list, I have only managed to achieve one goal, graduate from college. Even that too a while because I kept failing statistics but I’m glad that it is over and done with. At the moment, I am working full time but not for long. I handed in my two weeks notice this morning. So, hopefully, by the time those two weeks are over, I would have found myself another job, a better one.

It’s taking a bit longer than expected to meet those goals but I’m getting to that point in my life where I have to start focusing on the future. Growing up, I was in the mind state where I would be living in the “now” as opposed to the “tomorrow.” I did not give much thought about what I would be doing tomorrow. If anyone asked if I wanted to catch a movie a few days from now, I would usually give them a vague answer and tell them not to expect too much from me. So in a way, I am living my life, like Vin Diesel’s character on “The Fast and the Furious,” a quarter mile at a time.

I did not care too much about the past. What happened back then cannot be changed. You can only learn from it and move on. But now, I am starting to realize that the past has a lot to do with the future. “You’ve got to know where you’ve been before you know where you’re going.” It is those life long experiences that make your life worth while. The lessons you’ve learned in the past help you today so you will be prepared for tomorrow.

It takes time to realized things like this but once you do, you life will change for the better. It’s those quiet times that you spend alone thinking that have a big impact on the direction that you are heading. Those are the best time to ponder because there are no distractions to take your mind off what you are thinking about. And when your mind is set on something, it is very difficult for it to change. If you are as stubborn as I am, once you have set your mind on something, no one can change the decision that you have made because you’ve thought long and hard about it.