Why am I fixing this?

I don’t understand why some people expect me to help them fix a problem that I did not cause. Apparently, they ask someone else to help them with their computer problems and that person causes some sort of other problem and now they are expecting me to fix it. I am not the one that caused the problem in the first place so I do not see why I should be helping.

If they had come to me and asked me for help in the first place then yes, I would understand the reason why they would ask me if the problem was not fixed the first time. But to come to me and expect me to fix something when they asked another person first, I do not feel inclined to offer my assistant. Usually I will help but I would not give it my all. I would do a half ass job at it and if it does not work I just say, ‘I don’t know.” If the job was so important that they wanted someone else’s expertise over mind, well then, it is not my fault.

This has been an on going process since I started working with computers. And every time, it is the same thing over and over. Viruses, spy ware and pop ups! You name it. After I’m done fixing the computer, I tell them the same thing. Do not click on link that you do not know about. Use this program to scan your computer one a week to prevent spy ware. Do not download and install programs you do not need. Do not! Do not! Do not!

They do not alright. They do not listen! And guess who has to fix the problem. Moi! I don’t mind fixing it the first time or the second time for that matter, but having to fix the same problem for the third time, that is just stupid. How many times do you have to tell people something before they understand it? I gave instructions to a coworker one time and maybe a second time but she understood it. And she is new to computers. The person who keeps having these computer issues is not new to computers. They have been around computers for a while now so they are quite computer literate. But what I don’t quite understand is that no matter how many times I tell them, it just doesn’t click. Sometimes I have to resort to not fixing it at all because that way, they will know that I will not be there all the time to help them.

I don’t like to charge for my service because it’s nothing really big. It is just stuff I do on my own time like a hobby. And usually I will fix it if they bring the computer over to my place. That way, I will have time to work on it at my convenience. Most of the issues aren’t hardware problems, they are usually software problems. Windows has this tendency to mess up when it wants to. My dad’s laptop has crashed maybe three times in the last year while my computer has been stable. I do a lot of work on the computer while my dad doesn’t do much. For some reason, Windows just fails and doesn’t want to boot. Fixing my dad’s laptop, I can understand. I was the one that initially configured the settings and install all the software. So when something goes wrong, of course he asks me to fix it and I oblige.

You don’t understand the amount of frustration that comes with the job. The I.T field is very stressful because of the end user. They think the I.T staff does not do much because they are hardly seen on the floor, but when there’s a problem, it’s a big one. So, the next time someone’s computer fails to work properly, I just tell them, I’m closed for business. Try again another day.