Can’t go wrong with free

I got a free cup of coffee last night. And no, I didn’t get it for free because I rolled up the rim and won. I didn’t steal it either. The cashier was kind enough to give my friends and I each a free coffee. I had my money out ready to pay for it and everything but she just handed us the coffee.

I was hungry last night so my cousin and I went over to Swiss Chalet and order a chicken dinner. We met up with a friend over at Jackson and then met up with another friend at Tim Horton’s. We were waiting in line because the old guy in front of us took his time for his order. He made the cashier run around looking for something. Then in the end, she couldn’t find it so he cancelled his order.

I got up to the cash and made my order for a large coffee. As the cashier was making taking my order, I asked what all the commotion with the old guy was about. She said that he had ordered ten coffees and wanted to put all of them in a box. He didn’t want the tray, he specifically wanted a box. The cashier couldn’t find a box that was big enough to fit ten medium coffees so the guy cancelled his order and took off. I think it’s a lot easier to carry ten coffees in the tray rather than a box.

As the cashier was taking my order, she asked if I wanted a free coffee. She had ten that was going to go to waste so she was willing to give them all to me and my friends. There were four of us there so I was like… Okay! So she grabbed the tray of five coffees and handed it over to us.

Some guy that was waiting at the back of the line was like, “Now that’s what I’m talking about!” He reached over me and grabbed a coffee for himself. I looked at him funny because he came out of nowhere and grabbed the coffee that the cashier gave to my friends and I. It was as if he was waiting at the back of the line, eavesdropping on our conversation and decided to himself. He grabbed the coffee and went to the back of the line again.

All of the coffees were black so the cashier gave me a bag full of sugar, cream and stir sticks. I grabbed the tray of coffees and went and sat down. The guy from the back of the line followed me and was like, ‘These are all black, I’m going to need some cream, sugar and a stir stick, if you don’t mind?” Of course, I mind! What the hell is he doing following us to get stuff? He could have easily asked the cashier for cream, sugar and a stir stick. Then he had the nerve to complain about the old guy canceling his order. After that he took off somewhere and I never saw him again.

It was too bad that all five of those coffee cups weren�t the roll up the rim cups. Maybe I could have won another free coffee. I think that cashier was so mad at the other guy that she didn�t want to charge us for anything. My cousin got a free donut out of it too. She was standing in line waiting for the cashier to come back so she can pay but she never did came back to the cash so my cousin walked away.

I was thinking of this scheme where I would walk into a Tim Horton�s, order ten coffees and then ask for a box. If they didn�t have it, I would cancel my order. Meanwhile, my friend would be somewhere at the back of the line, waiting for the free coffee offer. But that would never work. Or would it�

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