No really, what’s your name?

My job at Rogers Wireless will soon be coming to an end. I have about a week left before I’m unemployed. Soon, I’ll be joining the rest of the unemployed as they search for a job. The job as been a good experience for me, maybe not a good one but something I’ll remember for […]

Not where I saw myself

Remember when you were younger, back in middle school or so, the teacher asked, “Where do you see yourself in x amount of years?” Yeah, I don’t quite remember it either, but nonetheless, you were asked this question at some point in the past. If you weren’t, then I’ve just asked you a few seconds […]

Different versions

Another day off work with nothing productive to do so I thought I’d take a little stroll down memory lane and take a look at my past creations and see how I’ve matured as a web developer. This site has gone through many changes. Most of those changes are for the better. At least, I […]

Why am I fixing this?

I don’t understand why some people expect me to help them fix a problem that I did not cause. Apparently, they ask someone else to help them with their computer problems and that person causes some sort of other problem and now they are expecting me to fix it. I am not the one that […]

Watch out now

I arrived home from work early today because my eye was bothering me. I don’t know what is wrong with it but it stings every now and then. I couldn’t stand it no more so I left work early. I arrived home, opened up my email client and saw that I had two emails. But […]

Back in space

My blog is being sent into outer space again, for the third time. Sometimes, I doubt that intelligent life exists outside of this planet. Although we have search far and wide yet if there exists intelligent life out there, they would have attempted to contact us by now. There are countless numbers of galaxies out […]

Master Procrastinator

Lately, I’ve been trying to get back into coding mode but I can’t seem to stay focused. I had two days off work so I planned to finish off a website that I’ve been working on. But I got side tracked by the Discovery Channel and ended up watching a few episode of How It’s […]


Have you ever had those times when you’re lying in bed and you slowly fall asleep only to be suddenly awaken by the falling sensation? That has happen to me a few times. I would lie in bed, close my eyes and the next thing I knew, I would start twitching. My hands would go […]