Bad habits

Like the saying goes, ‘Old habits die hard.’ Trying to keep a commitment not to do something isn’t all that easy. Even though at the back your mind, you know that you’re doing is wrong. For the longest time, I’ve had these annoying habits that I’ve been trying to get rid of. Hard as I try to rid myself of them, I still have them today.

“Will you stop biting your nails!?” I’ve heard this a lot while I was growing up. I’ve been biting my nails for as long as I can remember. Why I bit them, I do not know. How I got started, I don’t know that either. But needless to say, I’ve been biting them since I was a little kid and I’m still doing it now, just not has frequent. There’s a chance that I’ll even be biting my nails while I pause to think of things to write. I’ve read that the most common reason for biting your nails are nervousness, boredom and comfort.

I hardly do anything that may cause me to be nervous, so I doubt that the reason. If I’m bored and I have nothing to do, usually I pick up a book and start reading. As for comfort, I highly doubt that’s the cause. Usually, I bit my nails to the point where it eventually starts to bleed. After that, you’d think I would learn my lesson. Think again. The pain and the bleeding don�t stop me from biting though. Sometimes I don�t even notice that I�m biting my nails until the bleeding starts.

I guess because I’ve been biting my nails for so long that it has become second nature to me. Then again, the stress could be the cause too but that wouldn’t explain why I was biting my nails when I was younger. I don’t remember being under a lot of stress when I was a little kid.

That’s not the only bad habit I have. As I grew up, I tend to stay up late and sleep in. I remember one summer, I stayed up until four in the morning just so I can watch the X-Games. Anyone not familiar with that, the X-Games consisted of extreme sport like street luge, BMX freestyle and inline vert. Some of these guys would bust out some of the sickest trick I’ve seen, well the guys that were doing the tricks anyways. The street luge guys were just racing to the bottom of the hill. Back then, Tony Hawk was just another skateboarder and he hadn’t made a name for himself yet.

Anyway, staying up late watching tv and then sleeping in until late in the afternoon was a bad idea. I remember waking around six in the morning and felling fresh. Now, if I tried to get up that early, I would end up lying in bed for forty five minutes. And if I didn’t have to work, I would end up just going back to bed until noon. I wasn’t in any rush to do anything in particular. Recently, I tried to get to bed early to wake up early and I found that I’ve managed to get a lot more things done by waking up around eight. Sleeping in until noon was a waste of time because half the day is already gone.

These are only some of my bad habits. I find them hard to break but I’m hoping that they will magically go away if I can somehow keep myself busy with something. Maybe if I can publish a blog everyday, I might be able to stop the nail biting. I’m not sure if it’ll help with the staying up late because if I keep typing, eventually I’ll be so used to all the typing that I won’t be able to stop. Next thing I’ll know, it’ll be morning.