Going gray

Lately I have noticed the number of gray hairs that are growing on my head. Usually, I would have maybe two or three strands. But the last time I checked that number has gone up. Way up! The only thing I can relate those gray hairs to is stress. I am not sure exactly what is causing the stress but I think I can take a few guesses.

Work is the first thing to pop into my head. Although, I do not do much, I have read an article that the job I am doing is hazardous to my health. But all I do is sit by the computer and speak with customers all day long. How can that be a health hazard? Well, according to the Sydney Morning Harold, my line of work can be hazardous to my health because of all the suppressed emoticons.

When I am speaking with a customer I remain calm and polite no matter how much of an ass they are. It is common courtesy to be polite to people, that was the way I was raised. But in the last couple of jobs, I had to drop all the politeness and start getting mad. But no matter how bad the situation was, I could not get myself to show my anger.

According to the article in SMH, I should not be holding in my anger. Instead, I should be yelling at every single person who yells at me. If they are yelling at me, it is because they are hiding something. I’m fully aware of how to do my job. I went through a two week training course in order to get the job. Usually, if the customer yells at me, I remain calm and explain to them of the situation. By remaining calm, I am hoping the customer will feel guilty about yelling at me. But some of these people do not have a guilty conscience. They will continue to yell until the call has ended. If a team of researchers are saying that this is hazardous to my health, I believe it is time I yell back. This job does not pay me enough to be a hazard to my health. The customer ain’t right no more!

Other than that, I do not see anything else in my life that might be causing me to stress out a little here and there. Maybe all that thinking I have been doing is making the problem worse, better but it can�t helped. Most of my life has been a carefree life. The strain of adulthood is starting to kick in and I have got to learn to deal with it somehow. So, if you see me online more often in the next few days, chances are I was fired for yelling at the customer.

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  1. I’ve been getting them too!!! Like starting this year. I was all WTF? I still yank em out when I see them. If it goes all grey before I finish school I’ll be the only senior on grecian formula.

  2. hehehe… from what I hear, you’re not supposed to pluck them. By doing that, you’re causing them to multiply. I’m starting to think that’s the reason for all those gray hair…

  3. go don go!! you need that healthy life!! starting yelling back!! ;D

    or maybe its just programming that’s getting the grey hairs… xD

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