What did I just say!?

I find that some people only listen to what they want to hear and not what is actually being said. Even if what you’re saying is in agreeance with them. Actually, sometimes I’m like that. Someone would be saying one thing and I would hear something else. Usually, the reason behind that is because I’m thinking about something else. But if someone told me something three times, I’m sure I would have heard it right the second time.

At work, I’m on the phone all day long and sometimes the connection isn’t that good, so I can understand it if they heard me say something I didn’t say. But if they heard me say something and then disagree with what I’m saying, then maybe they didn’t hear me right. I was on the phone with one lady who had recently made a payment for her account. But because that payment was made too late, her cell phone was going to be interrupted. I informed her about it but also said that I will make changes to the due date to avoid her phone being cut off. By changing the date, I’ve saved her twenty five dollars. Here’s how the conversation went.

Me: Because your payment was made late, I’m going to have to give you an extension. By doing so, you won’t have to worry about your phone being interrupted.
Lady: There better not be an interruption or else I’ll be pretty mad!
Me: There won’t be an interruption, ma’am.
Lady: I don’t see why there would be because I’ve already paid.
Me: Yes ma’am, that’s what I said. There WON’T be any interruption!
Lady: If there was, I’m going to cancel my service!
Me: Why are you arguing with me! I just told you there WILL NOT BE AN INTERRUPTION! Thank you! Bye! *click* Dumbass biatch!

This is the kind of stuff that my coworkers and I have to deal with. We’re trying to help these people but it doesn’t seem like they want any help. I had one call where I was asking to speak with a customer but he wasn’t available. So I told the third party my name and asked him to pass on the message to the customer. Somewhere in that conversation, this guy heard me introduce myself as Bob. Maybe he has a lot of friends named Bob and assume that Bob was close enough to my name and decided to change my name for me. Nonetheless, I didn’t care.

Another time, I called up a customer to thank him for his payment. Usually, I’m handling accounts that are past due and in the odd times there will be accounts that are current. If I catch that it is current on time, I inform the customer that I would like to thank them for the recent payment and quicky verify some information with them. Instead of agreeing to this, some customers would prefer to ask me, “What the hell for? You have your payment!” Which is true, I don’t have to verify nothing with him, it’s just that I like talking to these nice customers so much that I want to extend our conversation.

Could you imagine what it would be like if some of these people went into a Tim Horton’s, made an order, paid for it and then tell off the cashier because she said “Thank you!” These people have not heard of a thing called manners. If I could, I would reach through that phone line and karate kick them in the head.

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