The complexity of simplicity

I don’t know what it is about some people but it seems like most of them are fascinated by the most simplest of things. It’s like the their brains are curious to know as much about nothing as possible. Lately, I’ve become a little bit more observant about things. Things that happens quite frequent but I’ve never noticed before.

Usually when chilling out with some friends, we would be sitting around talking about nothing. When I talk to people, I make eye contact but there are the odd times when I look away, for no particular reason. But that actions causes a reaction amongst my friends. If I was talking with a friend who is sitting directly across from me and I lose eye contact to look at something else, this causes him to turn around to see what I’m staring at, which is nothing in particular. Over the course of the conversation, I would do this a few times, inadvertently, and each time, I would get the same results.

I’ve heard of a little joke that some guy was doing in town. One day, this guy decided to stand in the middle of a busy street corner. He would stand there and start staring up in the sky towards the top of the building. By standers would walk up to him, stare at him for a few minutes and then stare up at the area where he was looking towards. The area was popular for falcon watchers so people assumed that, that is what he was looking for. But in actuality, he wasn’t staring at anything in particular. This guy stood there for hours and people who were walking by kept staring up in the sky to see what he was looking, which was nothing.

Today at work, I was staring at the security sensor above the entrance. There were people walking by to go to the lounge. They saw me staring up towards the ceiling, so they decided to stop and look up there too. After I left the area, I turned to look back and saw that some of them were still looking towards the ceiling. There was nothing exciting to see there, but they were curious.

What is it about us that makes us curious about what other people are doing? Gossips and rumours are really popular, no matter where you go. When I worked at the library, something that started on the main floor would escalate and eventually worked its way up to the top floor within minutes. Rumours spread pretty fast even in a fairly large workplace.

Even television is being taken over by this stuff. There are a lot of talk shows out there that shows the same thing over and over but involving different people. For example, Jerry Springer. That show had issues involving people cheating on people, family feuds, and guys who dresses up like girls. Apparently, a lot of people were against the gay people stuff but if it’s on the Jerry Springer Show, people didn’t care. Jerry Springer went from being a politician in Chicago to a talk show host. He knew what people wanted and he provided it. His show was a big hit when I was growing up but after a while it got old because it was the same thing over and over.

It’s not only limited to television though. I think that everything in everyday life has some little that caused us to have a curiousity about. I have a thing where I am constantly on my website because I am eager to see who has visited the page. I’ll be on my page checking the stats everyday. I would probably check it once every hour if I had the time but I’m usually at work most of the day. I think that is the reason why I created the polling system on the site. I’m curious about how people think and what they think about. Everyone has their own ways of doing thing even though we are all part of the same species. Sometimes, I’m fascinated in the behaviour of some of the people around me. It never ceases to amaze me how crazy some of them can get.

I think that the reason why blogs become so popular is because a lot of people like to read about the lives of others. It allows them to get glimpse of what others do on a day to day basis. I think that’s a good way to get to know the other person, even if you don’t know them personally. Just by reading their words, you have a basic insight of how their mind works.

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  1. Hehe, well I read your blogs usually in the morning now. I figure that since I dont read as often, I should read something. And, reading as soon as I wake up seems to be the time when I feel most awake and aware. But, if I were to read something online, I might as well read something that would be more fun and meaningful, like reading a friend’s blog entry who has put some time and thought into writing this long 500 words or so blog. Not just some kind of generic blog where it reads as, omgwtfbbq11oneoneone, kinda context. ;D But, I dont have the effort to write daily or weekly blogs myself. =\

    But, yea, just wondering, do you ever reply to your blogs? Or, are they here just for you to read input?

    I think that when I see someone stare up into the ceiling or sky for no particular reason, it would make me curious on why he was staring up there? Was there something interesting up there to see? What surprises would I see if I were to look up there? So, maybe by following other people’s curiousity, we hope to find some kind of excitement or amusement within our days. Or, maybe we’re just longing to see some kinda spark within our lives.

  2. of course I reply to the comments, sometimes… maybe if people see you posting your comments, they’ll follow suit.. 😛

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