1 year anniversary

It was one year ago that I first started blogging. I don’t know what exactly got me started but lo and behold, a year later, I’m still doing it. That means I’m on the right track right?

I think I got started blogging because I felt it was a way for me to express myself. I can express myself verbal just fine, but I think to have that transferred into a written form is a bit harder because you can’t convey that right point across without witting a lengthy blog. Well, maybe you can, but I can’t seem to get the point across in one or two sentence. One or two paragraph is more like it.

I find that, by blogging, it helps me relieve stress, vent my anger and solve some problems. I don’t stress out to much but the gray hairs on my head are saying otherwise. I’m only twenty five and the gray hairs are sprouting out like crazy. First, I thought maybe it was the hair dye that changed it white. But it’s not possible for the hair dye to affect just one strand of hair. The only other conclusion would be stress.

I don’t get angry often either. Someone customer can be screaming at me over the phone and I wouldn’t say a thing. I’ve seen my coworker yell back but I’m just too lazy to do anything about verbal assaults. I keep quiet at work and I vent once I’m out of there. I’ve gotten use to the screaming and shouting now so every time that happens, I laugh. There’s not much else you can do. A teacher told me once that humour is the key to happiness. No matter what happens, you have to try and look on the bright side of things. There are other things that can be worst.

Sometimes, I blog about some problems I’m having. Those blogs you don’t see because I usually solve that problem and have no need to publish the blogs anymore. Usually, I don’t like involving others with my problems. Doing so may only complicate things and I don’t want to drag anyone down with me. Everyone sees me as a happy go lucky kind of guy because I’m always pleasant to be around. Let me tell you know that I’m not always cheery. There are days when I have a dark cloud roaming over my head. I just choose not to show it because I believe that people’s mood can change depending on their surrounding. If someone is having a good day, while I’m having a bad one, I make sure to tell them that I am also having a good day. If you radiate a positive aura, others around you will be affected by it and they will feel better during their day.

All in all, blogging is fun. These days, blogging is turning into a full time job and people are actually getting paid for it. A guy over at Khmerang.com is blogging because he wanted to see if he can make more money in a month than a police office in Cambodia. I think that’s his blog, unless I’m mistaken him for someone else. He’s got his reasons, I’ve got mine. Maybe some of you out there should try it. I’m always encouraging people to start up a blog because I know that people like to talk. This is just another form of communicating, one that involves everyone with an internet connection, even the ones with dial up.