I can hear you

It’s a slow day at work so I’ve decided to start blogging during the down times. I guess it’s probably against company policy to be doing this but I’m bored. I’m hoping this will help pass the time before I go on my last break for the night. So bare with me if this blog sounds like it’s off topic from one paragraph to the nice.

At this moment, I’ve just finished talking to a caller. I’m informing him that his payments are late. He was kind enough to let me do all the talking before letting me know that he had already made his payment. He recently spoke with another representative early in the morning. That representative forgot to close the follow ups which is why he was receiving another call. Another girl was kind enough to let me talk the whole time only to tell me that she too has previous arrangements. All I can do at that time is apologize for the call. Most of them are good about it and don’t find it an inconveniences. Other tells me where to go. I’m not sure exactly where they want me to go so I’ll be sure to ask next time.

Then there are phone calls where the customer doesn’t know when they can make a payment. I don’t need a specific date, just ball park figures. If you can make payment some time next week, I’ll put down a date for the end of the week. That’s plenty of time to get that payment in. Some people will just tell me that it’ll be paid when it’s paid. If that payment is made after the suspension date, I can’t help them. Sometimes, I just want to say, “Help me, help you!” Some people don’t want to help me help. They prefer to let the phone suspend and them blame us for not telling them.

Then there’s people who just don’t want to talk. The conversation goes a little something like.

Me: Hello!
Party: ….
Me: Hello?
Party: …
Me: Uhhh, hello?
Party: ……
Me: Ummm, I can hear you breathing.
Party: *click*
Me: Bastard!

Why would people not say anything. It’s a phone call, if they didn’t want to talk, why pick up the phone in the first place? Just let it ring and don’t answer it. Then there are those who do answer and don’t say anything until the third hello. What’s going on through their mind. Are they hoping that I’ll get tired of saying ‘Hello’ that I’ll eventually hang up. Maybe I should inform them that I’m not allowed to hang up on them.

Once in a while, I’ll get the calls where the other person will pretend to not hear me. How do I know they’re pretending, you ask? Well coincidently, they say ‘Hello’ right after I say ‘Hello.’ If they couldn’t here me, they would be replying at random and not right after I talk. After five or so hello’s they finally decide to hang up. So, apparently, their phone decides to not work at the same moment I’m calling them. How convenient.

Well, that’s all the time I have to waste for the day. It’s almost time for me to go home. I’m looking forward to ten o’clock but the part that sucks is the fact that I have to be back at work at eight in the morning. It’s rare for me to have a Saturday off. I got to find me a real job. I can’t stand these filler jobs any more. But you take what you can get for the mean time, no matter how crappy of a job it is.

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  1. lawl! ;D

    sadly… i decided to read Don’s blog out of boredom this morning too… T__T

    but cool post ;D

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