Washroom Break

I find it hard to do my duty in a public washroom. Although it appears to be clean and sanity, something makes me think otherwise. I took me a while before I started trusting public washroom. But when you gotta go, you gotta go.

I’ve been working in a workplace where the mens and the womens washroom are close to each other. The things that I’ve overheard from the womens washroom is kinda strange. For guys, once we’ve entered the washroom, all communications ceases immediately. As soon as we walk throw that threshold, it’s like we’re walking into a world where talking is prohibited. We don’t care to talk to the other guy even if he is a good friend. But of course, as soon as we exit, communications returns to normal.

With girls, they go to the washroom in pairs, which is something I still don’t understand. A girl can walk into the washroom alone and make a friend while she’s in there. It’s like the washroom is the most happening place where all the girls gathers around. I’ve overheard girls talking about stuff like their relationship or their plans for the weekend. If I walked into the washroom and start a conversation with some guy I don’t know, he’d probably think I was some kind of fruitcake.

If guys went into the washroom in pairs, even if the other guy is a good friend, as soon as we walk into the washroom, we pretend like we don’t know each other. If there were three urinals in the washroom, we would use the one that’s furthest away from each other. If a third guy walks in and he had to do number one, he wouldn’t use the middle urinal, he would go into the stall and use that. Or he would wait until one of us was done.

It’s a code between men not to interact while doing their duty. Talking is not allow. Eye contact is not allow. When we use the urinal, we keep our eyes on the wall. Peeking at the other guy’s little guy is a bit threatening and will probably result in a black eye. I don’t think these rules applies to the womens because I’ve never been in the women’s washroom before so I don’t know what goes on in there. But I’m sure the occupants are very friendly.