Do something

The weather in Hamilton can get fairly bad, fairly quickly. What can be a cold winter day in Hamilton, can slowly turn into a blizzard over in Brantford. As soon as you leave Hamilton and cross the border into Brant Country, it’s like stepping into a whole other dimension. The weather is never the same. It’s amazing how a fairly cold day, can turn into a terrible blizzard within minutes. And the Brantford officials aren’t doing anything about the snow either.

Leaving Hamilton in the morning, the temperature varies from zero to minus fourteen. As you drive towards the highway, you don’t notice too much of a change. Light flurries, mainly sunny, fifteen kilometer per hour winds and minus four degrees celcius temperature with a wind chill factor of minus fifty. But, as you enter Brant Country, hell just freezes over. One side of the highway is plowed, the other side is covered with five centimeters of snow. Obviously, there’s only one snow plow working at the time.

As you turn onto the ramp of the Wayne Gretzky Parkway, it’s completely covered in snow. I can see here that the plow truck must have kept on going instead of turning into Brantford. Of course, who would want to go into Brantford on a day like this. Everywhere in Brantford is covered in snow. From what I hear, they wait until there is at least ten centimeters of snow before sending out the snow plows. By that time, a few dozen cars were probably involved in some sort of accident due to slippery roads.

I left work for lunch and you know what I saw? The city guy was in one of those Bobcat machines, which is like a small plow. I was amazed! There wasn’t even ten centimeters of snow yet and the plows are out. But wait… this guy isn’t plowing the streets… he’s plowing the sidewalk! WTF! In Brantford, it’s apparently more convenient to plow the sidewalk because they don’t want people to slip and fall. If the roads are covered in snow and the car starts slipping and sliding into a pole and then runs over a few dozen people, that’s nothing, right? Just as long as people don’t slip and slip and bump into each other. Yeah, the collision between people is more servere than the collision between a car and the twelve unfortunate pedestrians.

I get to Wendy’s for lunch and eventually see a snow plow truck on the street. Finally, the city is doing something about the roads. But wait, there’s something wrong with this plow truck… it’s not even plowing the streets! WTF! The driver drove for about a hundred meters with the shovel in the up position. What was he thinking? Does he think that driving over the snow with those big tires is going to somehow magically melt the snow? A lot of smart people in Brantford, I tell ya. The least he could have done was put the shovel down and plow the snow while he’s driving. It is too much work to push a button to make the shovel go down?

Sao and I left Wendy’s and headed back to work. We cross the snow covered street and walk into the parking lot. Down the street we hear someone laughing, or crying, or both, we couldn’t tell. First, we thought it was a crazy drunk who probably slip and fell on his ass and is just laughing about it, so we ignore him and continue walking into the parking lot. As we enter the parking, we can hear the drunk gettting closer. The laugh sounds more like crying now. We didn’t want to look back, just in case he or she was a crazy person. This person was walking fairly fast because the wailing sounded like it was getting closer. We walked into the stairwell and as soon as we were out of the crazy person’s view, we just took off! We get outside of the stairwell and walked over towards the building we work in.

Slowly, we start to hear the wailing again. We turn around, it’s the same crazy person again! He/She must have followed us. We meet up with some coworkers and I tell them about the crazy crying/laughing person. I went into the building while they stayed outside staring at the crazy person. You don’t want to stare at a crazy person because they might come after you. You don’t have to do anything to provoke then, staring is enough.

By the end of the day, the streets were still filled with snow. The sidewalks weren’t too bad. As soon as you leave Brantford and get onto the highway, the road are clear again. It’s a good thing I don’t drive around in Brantford too much because I don’t want to run over any pedestrians.