I believe I have the worst case of the Mondays ever! I don’t feel like working at all! I left for my break and didn’t want to go back. My breaks are supposed to be fifteen minutes long but I went on break for twenty five minutes. I really didn’t care at the moment whether I got in trouble or not. Heck, I’m typing part of this blog while I’m at work. I need coffee!

If you’re not familiar with the term “Mondayitis” allow me to educate you a little on the matter. Mondayitis is also known as the case of ‘the Mondays.’ This is the term used to describe the tired and apathetic feeling most of us feel upon return to work after the weekend. The reason why we suffer from this condition is because the human circadian rhythms are not compatible with the forty hour work week. They should make Monday a prep day for going back to work because by Tuesday, our body is in sync with the work hours so why not help the process.

I arrived at work around 10:30am, which is still considered morning. I got to my desk and just sat and stared at the computer screen for a good thirty minutes. One of my coworker thought I started work at 10:00am because he got in around the same time I did and saw me at my computer shortly after. He assumed I was working overtime when I didn’t leave my desk right at 8:00pm, when in actuality, I didn’t start work till 11:00am.

I was on the phone talking to clients but after each call, I would sit and stare at the screen for approximately five minutes per call. To help pass the time, I typed all my memos with one hand and I made sure I read it over five times to make sure that every word was spelt correctly. And believe me, I looked forward to my break time, didn’t look forward to getting back to work though.

I think no matter what job you have, Mondays are the worst days to work. If you have a morning shift, chances are you won’t be able to fully awake until lunch time. The coffee doesn’t really help much. You can buy it and drink and believe that it will help you be more alert but all it does is make you go pee.

It’s too bad you can’t use Mondayitis as an excuse to call in sick. I don’t think calling in sick and using that as an excuse would be considered a valid reason for getting the day off. That is unless you can somehow make it sound like it is something really serious and convince your boss that if you don’t take the day off, you might not make it to work for the rest of the week.