Now, where did I put that?

Know what I hate? I hate it when I misplace an item. Usually, it’s something that I’m using often. I put it down for a second to do something else. But when I want to go and use it again, it disappears. I’ve had this happen all too many times. I’ll search high and low and I can never find it. In the end, the item is usually right there under my nose.

I do a lot of computer repairs so I usually have my tools out lying around. The screwdriver is what I tend to use the most. What usually happens is, I’ll need both hands to do something, so I’ll put the screwdriver down. After I’m done, I’ll go searching around for that screwdriver. After five minutes of looking around, it’s nowhere to be found. And I’m thinking to myself, “I couldn’t have placed it far because I never left the area. So, it’s has to be around here somewhere.” Somehow, the screwdriver manages to hide itself under one of my legs so the whole time that I was searching around, looking for it, I neglect to look in the area that is closest to me. The thing is, I don’t remember putting it so close.

Recently, Ricky lent me his iPod Shuffle because he has some Chinese songs on there. I wanted to grab a few off him so he just handed over his iPod and I can transfer the songs over when I find one that I like. I’ve had that iPod for about a week now but recently I’ve seen to have misplaced that too. I searched every single jacket that I’ve worn for the past week and none of them seem to hiding an iPod. Most of those jackets are dark coloured jackets so spotting a white iPod should be easy, even with my bad eye sight.

I thoroughly checked all my winter coats but none of them had an iPod in it. I decided to check my sprint jacket and presto, the iPod was in the pocket of that jacket. It didn’t occur to me at the time to check the spring jacket. Who in their right mind would wear a light sprint jacket in the middle of winter? Apparently, I did. It dawned on me that I had worn that jacket when the weather was on the plus side but the next day, it became cold again, so I grabbed the winter jackets again. On the bright side, I don’t have to pay Ricky any money.

I’ve also misplaced my wallet a few times. Luckily, it was misplaced at home and not some public area. Usually, I keep my wallet either in my back pant pocket or in my left jacket pocket. One day I had to take the bus to work so I grabbed my jacket and my bag and started walking to the bus station. A few blocks from the bus station, I started thinking about the price of a bus ticket. I reached into my pant pocket to check and see if I had enough money but the wallet wasn’t there. I checked my left jacket pocket but it wasn’t there either. I checked every single pocket on me and still nothing. I started to worry and hoped that I had left it at home because once in a while that happens.

So, I rushed back home to find my wallet because I have to buy a ticket to get to work. I get home and I search everywhere for my wallet. It was nowhere on my desk or my bed or my bookshelf. I was starting to worry and thought maybe I dropped it somewhere. Then something clicked in my head. There I was, sitting at my desk, staring at my bag. I can see a bulge on the front flap that resembled the shape of my wallet. I unzipped the front pocket and sure enough, low and behold, there was my wallet. I can tell you now, that I said a four letter word a lot when I saw the wallet.

I don’t know why I keep doing this but every now and then I get some sort of memory lapse. That very minor detail that I need to know was temporarily forgotten. It is as if I have Alzheimer’s or something. I think that the more I age, the less I remember. I don’t even remember writing this blog! So, if you see me walking down the street and it looks as if I don’t know you, wait a few seconds to allow time for my brain to process the information before approaching me.