There is no God

I hate to argue against what most people may believe, but under the circumstance, I would have to argue that this is true. Day by day, after unexplainable events keep happening, I’m starting to believe even more that there is no God. I highly doubt that there is anything anyone can say to make me think otherwise. I don’t know which God you believe in but that God does no exist.

Today, I got off work fifteen minutes early to catch the last bus to Hamilton. After what happened last time, I didn’t want to miss the bus again. I’m tired of waiting for the bus every time. Tonight, me and a group of commuters waited forty-five minutes for a bus that was scheduled to arrive at 9:00pm. The one day I leave very early to catch the bus is the day that the bus decides to run late. The day that I get off work a few minutes late, is the day that the bus arrives early. What the hell is going on?

To me, the events of this world are way too chaotic and too random to believe that there is a God who controls all this. Nothing makes sense anymore and the things that do make sense are way too complex to comprehend. To understand the existent of God, people read the Bible or the Quran. What makes those books any different from the books that are publishes by any other author? Because the Bible was written by a prophet? Can that be proven? Why did God choose to speak with that guy and not anyone else?

If some guy walked around today, dressed up like Jesus and said he’s the next Messiah, I think people will think he’s crazy! I would! If I was around during the time that Jesus walked this Earth, I’d say he’s crazy too. I cannot understand the amount of faith some people have on a piece of literature. That’s all it is. It’s basically a history book of events that happened in the past, events that aren’t proven. If those events are proven, I haven’t heard about any proof. There are too many contradictions for it to make any sense.

For anyone who has faith in their religion, they can believe what they want but leave me out of it. I was approached by two guys dressed up in a suit and tie, asking me if I’ve recently read the Bible. The Bible isn’t something I’m interested in. The Mormons gave me a little flyer that would allow me to receive a free Bible. Eventually, the flyer ended up in the trash only a few seconds later. I don’t have time to deal with messengers. If God wants to talk to me, he knows where to find me. I’m not going to waste my time looking for him because he can never be found.

I don’t think any of the religious beliefs are true, even the spiritual beliefs for that matter. I guess I’m a materialist when it comes to issues like this. I believe in things that exist physically, things that I can detect with my five senses. In order to detect the presence of a higher being, you’re going to need some other sense. We’ll call that sense, faith. I don’t have any faith in God. I have faith in my family, my friends and people I meet, people who are actually real not some deity that lives in the sky.

Some of you may be wondering why I’m blaming all this on God. I’m not blaming it on God, more like blaming it on the inexistent of God. The reason behind that is because things happen and they happen for a reason. When that reason is unknown, it’s God’s doing, right? No, when the reason is unknown, it’s not God’s doing because he doesn’t exist. If I don’t get any present for Christmas, it doesn’t mean that Santa doesn’t exist, it just means that I didn’t get any presents. As you grow up, you eventually found out that there was no Santa. So, as I’m growing up, I’m starting to see things from a different perspective and this is my point of view.

This issue with religion has always boggled my mind. The answers to the questions that I have, doesn’t satisfy my curiosity. Why do things happen for a reason? Why can’t things happen for no reason at all? If something good or bad happens, it happened because it’s God’s doing? Why can’t it happen because it happened? If there is a God, he gave you life so you can live it the way you want to. You don’t have to go to church every Sunday and pray to him. If he’s God, he knows what you’re thinking without you having to be in church. It seems like church is one big scam to get money. Why else would they be passing the collection plate around? What exactly are you paying for when you give them money? Is it to pay the preacher for preaching what you’ve already read in the bible? I don’t think so. That would be a waste of money. I would suggest you save some of that money and spend the rest of it on your family and friends. You’re not going to be able to take it with you when you’re gone. Save some here and there. As for the rest of the money, use it to live your life.

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