How rude!

I don’t understand how some people can be so rude. It doesn’t seem like a lot of people have learned any manners while growing up. There are bratty kids who thinks they can do whatever they want. There teenagers who thinks they are all that. And they are adult who are immature. Someone needs to knock some sense into these people and tell them to wake up.

Last Monday, Alvin and I were walking home from a photoshoot at Moda Classica. We get to the little China town on Cannon St. when I see a couple kids walking towards us. It’s garbage day so the businesses on Cannon St. have their garbages on the sidewalk. These kids walk pass the garbage and then decided to turn around and walk back towards it. One kid kicks over the garbage bag and knocks it into the street. His friend decides to do the same and knocks over the trash can into the street.

Cannon St. is fairly busy around that time. The rush hour traffic is starting about now. Usually when I see stuff like that, I wouldn’t care because it’s not my problem. But after working for Rogers for a few weeks, my tolerance level for stupidity has dropped. I couldn’t stand it no longer so I burst. I yelled at these kids and told them to go pick it up, but I wasn’t expecting them to. The one kid said something and ran away. I swear, if there weren’t people around, I would have chased after him, knocked him down and dumped my drink all over him. Then I’d steal his shoes and run away.

I would have done that because after he ran away, he turned around and swore at me. The nerve of this kid! He’s only in elementary school and he’s already got this attidude. He sure is lucky I didn’t have my running shoes on.

Last night, just before my shift ended, I get a call with some guy that sounded like he’s just reaching puberty. I have a job to do so I never lose my cool and I try to remain as calm as possible. But with calls like this, it’s getting harder and harder to remain calm. The call went something like this.

Me: Hello?
Caller: What do you want now?
Me: My name is Don and I’m calling from Rogers. Am I speaking with *some jackass*
Caller: Yeah, what do you want?
Me: The reason for the call is because there’s a past due balance of $77.86 on your cellular account.
Caller: It’s been paid, so stop harrassing me.
Me: How was this payment made?
Caller: Over the net like I always do, so get off my back.
Me: Just so you know, payment through the internet can take up to five days for it to post to your account.
Caller: So why don’t you call be five days after? My due date was today.
Me: Well, if you make your payment over the internet, you are aware that it can take five days to post. Your due date is around the 13th of the month so that means you’re supposed to make a payment five days before your due date to ensure that the funds are transfer to your account on time.
Caller: Yeah, but according to my bank records, I paid on time, so get off my back. The payment went out two hours ago.
Me: So, that was done around 8:00pm?
Caller: Yeah, so stop calling!
Me: Most banks stop processing transaction after 6:00pm, so technically, that payment wasn’t made on time. For future reference, I would suggest that you make your payment five days before the due date to avoid interruption to your service.
Caller: It’s already been paid so fuck off! *click*

You see what I have to deal with at work? Some people don’t seem to understand the reason for the call. The purpose of the call is to enter in the necessary arrangements into the computer so the system doesn’t interrupt your service. After that, it is up to the customer to keep those arrangements. If they don’t, then it’s their fault that their phone gets shut off. For this one caller, I was going to leave the arrangements blank and he would have gotten another call the next day. Lucky for him I accidentally click the OK button and entered the arrangements into the system.

Some of these people are lucky that I’m not as rude as they are. I can get pretty nasty if I get pissed. You don’t want to mess around with a computer geek. They’re not has harmless as most people thing they are. They have all the resources at the tip of their fingers and they can unleash hell and make your life a misery if they wanted to. Not that I’m the type to do any of that. Or am I? Muahahahah!

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  1. Haha, poor you. Is this your first time dealing with the stupidity of people? Honestly, you’ll see this a lot if you have to work with the public. Everyone thinks they’re a smart ass and that they know exactly what is going on. haha..if anything, just kick back and watch them get pissed. Sometimes it’s quite funny…

  2. First time? noooo… I saw a lot of that in security… I’m experiencing even more at the new job.. and there’s a lot of times when it is funny. I’m trying to help these people, but it seems like they don’t want to be helped. What can ya do, you know?

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