Learn to drive

Some of the taxi drivers in Hamilton are crazy, not that it’s a surprise to me. I’ve known this for quite some time. But lately, I think they should get their license revoked. The way some of them drives is not only hazard to their passenger but also other drivers.

The last few drivers I’ve gotten were probably one of the worst drivers out there. This one driver had no idea where he was going. Usually when I’m taking a cab, it’s because I need to take my mom to the bank. The driver that we got wanted to take Hess St. and then take Barton St. I told him that it would be easy and quicker if he backed up but he made some excuse about traffic and construction. The reason why it’s easier for him to go with the directions I gave was because by taking Hess down to Barton, you’re basically moving further away from the destination. Taking that route costs me about $1-$2 more per ride.

Another driver I got was one of those taxi drivers that was in a hurry. Well, most of them seem to be in a hurry all the time. But this guy apparently doesn’t like to have his foot on the brake. If his foot was on the brakes, they wouldn’t be on there for that long. I almost got sick during that ride. He was in such a rush to go to places that he honked at another car because the driver was parallel parking. And then when he got to the stop sign, he stepped on the brake so suddenly that I lunged forward. And he’s got the nerves to tell me to lean back. Needless to say, I was expecting the exact change at the end of the ride.

The last driver I had was one that likes to cut corners. For starters, he turned the wrong way on a one way street. His excuse for doing it was because it was just a quick turn to get on to another street and the traffic wasn’t too bad, so it’s okay. And then he did it again before we reached our destination. He could have easily turn into the same direction as the rest of the traffic and turn on the next block but he was in a rush to get somewhere so he decided to cut corners, literally.

I’ve heard around that some of the world smartest people are cab drivers, mainly because they can’t get the job that they’re experts in because the country doesn’t accept their educational background. But the ones that I’ve been getting lately may be smart, but they’re crazy drivers. I don’t want to have to give them directions on how to get to my destination, or how to make a proper left hand turn at the intersection. You know you’re a bad driver when your passenger has to tell you how to driver.