Ironic, isn’t it?

Recently, I’ve been reading materials here and there. Some of the stories were interesting but then there were some that just didn’t quite make any sense to me. Most of the topics were about handicapped people. I understand that handicap people are in need of special assistances but this rediculous.

A recently news article I’ve read was about a blind guy suing because they didn’t allow the blind to see.

Link: Blind student sues Target

This may be another thing to add to the list for my previous blog. Why is this guy suing a website because it’s not allowing him to see the page? It’s not their fault he’s blind. I don’t mean to be mean or anything but he is going to a website. Part of the word, ‘website,’ suggests that you need to be able to see. Why didn’t he sue the store. If Target is anything like Walmart, I doubt they have braille on their price tags.

If I went to a store and they weren’t offering something I liked, I wouldn’t go back there. I’m not going to sue them because they’re not carrying a particular item. I don’t have a say in the matter of what they want to sell, it’s a privately owned company. They can market to whomever they want. That’s the whole purpose of doing the target market research.

And why draw the line with Target’s website. Why not go ahead and sue the Ministry of Transportation too. They don’t want to give blind people a driver’s license, that’s a little discriminating isn’t it. Sue them too, why don’t he.

Maybe one day, the deaf people will sue the recording industry because they can’t hear music.

If that guy comes to my site, I might get sued because some of the content isn’t accessible. But then again, I’m in Canada, so hopefully, I’m out of their jurisdiction, unless Canada has an Act similar to the one in America. But anyway, people will sue anyone for anything these days. If you’re low on cash, just randomly pick someone to sue and your financial problems are over.