Sometimes it’s amazing that people do things that are rather odd. The things that they do, makes you go “hmmm. ” Sometimes it makes you wonder if maybe there was a chance that they were dropped when they were little, or maybe they ate paint chips. It makes you wonder what was going through their mind at the time. Maybe you’ve experience some of these events.

For example, if you have a cell phone, you might have heard this before. I get it a lot and I’m still stumpped by it. My friends would call my cell phone and the conversation would go something like this:

Me: Hello!
Alvin: Hello?
Me: Yeah?
Alvin: Hello, Don?
Me: Ummm, he’s not available at the moment, would you like to leave a message?
Alvin: Shaddup!

I don’t know why they would call my cell phone and ask if it’s me. If they are like me, they don’t know my number off by heart, so they’re probably looking in their phone book for my number. Once they dial that number, it’s kind of obvious that they’re calling me, is it not?

Also, today, I saw a guy come out of the pizza store after ordering pizza and got into a cab. The sign on top of the store said ‘Free Delivery,’ and that was clearly visible, in big bright letters. If he lived near by, he could have easily walked home. If he was heading to a friend’s house, he could have gone then and ordered pizza there and wait for it. A cab ride is at least $2.50, that’s if you’re just wanting to go across the street. I don’t see the reason behind this.

And yesterday, I get a text message from my brother. He asked if I had the USB cable for the camera or if it was in my room. What was going through my mind, when I read that message was, “It’s six o’clock, he should be home, wouldn’t he check my room first before asking me?” But I guess that wasn’t the case since I got the text message.

Another time, I was sitting at the bench in the middle during break. Someone walks pass me, but they don’t walk in the middle of the walk way. They walk inches from me. I don’t understand why they’re walking so close. There’s eight to ten feet worth of room, but they walk right in front of me. Sometimes I wonder if maybe they didn’t let one loose and thought it’d be funny since I’m sitting there.

And speaking of walking, have you ever walked towards someone and you get to that moment where both of you chose to move aside. But the side that you move to, is the same side that the other person chose. That could be pure coincident and it’s a but funny if it’s repeat. But the incident that puzzles me is, when I’m walking down the hall and I keep to my right. Within a foot from me, is the wall. For some reason, the person walking towards me wants that foot of space close to the walk. There could be an open field on the other side but that want that space by the wall.

And last but not least, I can’t understand why people jump to conclusion. In my line of work, I have to inform customers of the past due balance. Before I can even finish saying what I have to say, they’re already yelling at me, bitching about the bill. The majority of them have the decency to wait until I finish first before objecting to anything. But no, these people are already bitching about why their cell phone bills are so high. I’m not the one that’s using the phone, they’re the one that’s racking up the charges. I’m just there to help them keep their current service. Most of them thinkg I’m calling to get money. I’m in Accounts Receivable, if I wanted their money, I’d be working for the Collection Agency.

If you have an incident that boggles your mind, feel free to share. That’s youre homework for the day.

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