Firefox rules, Internet Explorer drools!

The battle between the two internet browser has been going on for quite some time now. Back in college, my group and I did a presentation on this topic. But back then, Firefox hadn’t come out yet. At the time, it was Netscape Navigator. And at the time, the two were quite similar so in the end, it was a tie. But now, I can honestly say that Firefox is kicking ass, hands down.

Since the start of version five of this site, I’ve been testing the design in both browser but later on I stuck with Firefox because anything that works in Firefox should work in Internet Explorer. I later found out that, that wasn’t always the case. If something rendered well in FF, there might be a slight change when it’s view in IE. Because v.5 rendered well in FF, it was ‘Sexiest Blog of the Day’ over at Blogger Idol.

But the reason that my site looks sexy in it, isn’t the only reason why I believe it’s the better of the two browser. One feature in Firefox that is handy is its ability to allow tabbed browsing. You can have all the pages opened in one single browser which makes the taskbar less clutered. But having all those tabs open at the same time does consume a lot of the system’s memory. Right now, that’s one of the main issues that the folks behind Firefox are trying to fix. A lot of their users have noticed the memory leakage and memory is something you don’t want to waste.

Really Simple Syndication (RSS) feeds are getting pretty popular these days. It’s a way to spread the news to the vast majority. Firefox has a built in RSS reader that will allow you to view the latest news on a particular site without having to visit the site. Clicking on the will cause Firefox to display a toolbar which allows you to save the live bookmark. Because the bookmarks are live, Firefox checks for any updates everytime it is launched.

If you do a lot of research online, I’m sure you are aware of the Find tool, but it’s not limited to just browser. Almost every application in Windows has this sort of tool available, most of them are mainly used to find text. With IE, hitting Ctrl-F will cause the Find toolbox to appear. It pops up right in the middle of the screen. If the word you are looking for just happens to be located behind the toolbox, you’ll have to move the toolbox to a new location to see the word. Firefox has the find tool conveniently located at the bottom of the screen, leaving the webpage and the search word easy to spot.

The debate as to which browser is the best browser to use is an ongoing thing. In the end, it’ll probably come down to personal opinion. I rarely use Internet Explorer anymore. The only time I use is when someone tells me that my site doesn’t look all that good. First question, ‘Are you using Internet Explorer?” And chances are, that is the case. Currently, the two powerhouse hasn’t come to an agreement on any kind of web browser standards yet which is why each browser rendered a web page different. In order to get around this, web developers have to create a “hack” to ensure that the page renders properly but most of those hacks were for IE. I think the only thing Firefox and Internet Explorer has agreed on is the use of as an icon to represent RSS. But eh, it’s a start.

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  1. Give IE7 public beta a spin. I still use firefox, but I must admit, ie7 could also be my default browser.

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