Translation please…

As usual, I was looking over the traffic that was being directed to my site. To my surprise, I saw that someone had translated my blog into French. I didn’t know I had any French readers out there but eh, you learn something new everyday. Oui, tres bien!

This got me thinking for a bit. I wanted to see what other language I can translate my blog into. So far, thanks to Google, this blog can be translated into eight different languages.

Spanish, German, French, Italian, Portguese, Chinese, Japanese, Korean

If you don’t understand English, this tool will help you. Who knows, maybe it’ll even help you learn another language.

For anyone who’s curious, I speak Khmer. Some may think I speak Cambodian. But that’s not quite right. People who speak Khmer are Cambodians. The Cambodians speak Khmer. Following me so far? It’s like, I’m Canadian, but I don’t speak Canadian, I speak English. It’s something along those lines. I’m a Cambodian born in Thailand and raised in Canada. So I have this tri-citizenship thing going. I guess that would make me something like a Camthaiadian.


But for an Asian guy, I don’t look the part. I’ve been mistaken for a Spanish guy a few times. More often at work than at any other place. Lately, when there is a Spanish caller on the phone, my coworkers are looking in my direction. I just happen to glance in their direction as they mention the word ‘Spanish’ so I quicky shake my head to let them know that I’m not Spanish. One time a coworker came over to tell me that there was a Spanish caller that she needed translation for. I was busy on the phone so I didn’t get a chance to tell her that I did’t speak the language. But by the time I was done on the phone, she had already placed a note on my desk. I had to give it back to her and let her know that the Spanish rep will be in after lunch. No hablo espanol, senora.

I love learning the bits and pieces of a new language though. It never ceases to amaze me knowing that there are a lot of different languages in the world. So when I meet someone who speaks a language that I haven’t learned yet, I’m always eager to learn how to say ‘hi’ in that language. It’s not much but it’s a start.