Price increase at Tim Horton’s

I dropped by Tim Horton’s on the way to work today and saw that they had a notice on the front counter. The notice was to inform the customers that there will be an increase of four to five cents in the prices of their products.

Now, I’m not an avid coffee drinker or nothing but that’s going to cause a dent on my already tight budget. I mean, I’ll drink coffee once in a while, late in the night so it might not affect me that much. Even though it is just a small increase, that’s going to add up through the years. For those who makes their daily stop at Tim Horton’s, they aren’t going to be too happy with this and I wouldn’t blame them. It’s bad enough that they have to deal with high gas price but now they have to deal with high coffee prices. Oh, the insanity!

So what’s the deal with the price increase anyways. Well, I can probably guess that the prices of gas has something to do with it. It costs a lot of money to fill up the tanks of those trucks that delivers the supplies to the restaurant. Not just the gas for the trucks but the gas for the employees that need to drive to work. Although there are enough Tim Horton’s around so that you can probably walk to the closest one, there are the few that lives far away from one. So I can understand that the prices of gas for them are also high and Tim Horton’s is trying to help them out by giving them better wages which in turn affects the customers because high wages for the employees means high prices of the product.

But you know what, I doubt it’s the cost of gas or the cost of living expenses that is causing Tim Horton’s to increase their prices. It’s those damn big ass plasma tv screen that was installed in every Tim Horton’s location. Those thing cost around what, $10,000 or so. There are approximately one thousand four hundred Tim Horton’s restaurant location across Ontario. And each one of those locations are likely to have a twenty six inch plasma tv installed. That’s about fourteen million dollars worth of electronics. And that’s just Ontario alone. There’s at least another twelve hundred locations across Canada. Heck, there’s one in the Northwest Territories and not one, but two in the Yukon. Imagine how far they have to walk to get to the nearest Tim Horton’s. I wonder if they have a drive-thru for the dog sleds.

What’s the purpose of those plasma tv anyway? I’m not even sure if they’re plasma or not but they look pretty expensive. But anyways, it’s usually has some Tim Horton’s product on the screen and this loops over and over throughout the day. It’s gets pretty boring after you’ve seen it a few millions times. So, now factor in the cost of having that tv on all day and all night long. Plus, they’re paying someone to make the movie you’re watching on there, so factor that in as well.

If they wanted to display Tim Horton’s product, a simple cardboard sign would be sufficient. I’d stare at a cardboard sign with a picture of a chunky chicken salad, a medium coffee and a honey dip donut. It looks just as good on there as it would on a screen.

If you’re going to install a tv screen in the restaurant, the least you could do is show a movie on it. Or better yet, tune it to the local news station. That way, the customers will be informed of something while waiting for the coffee to be made. I really don’t think that viewing a clip about someone making coffee while I wait for my coffee to be made is all that exciting. I would suggest that they put the screen to better use. I’m sure everyone know what a walnut crunch donut looks like, it’s right in front of us when we’re at the front of the line, we don’t need to be reminded of its shape and flavour.